2.0000 Administration

Brookdale Admin. Building

The 2.0000 series of college policies govern the administration of Brookdale Community College; please select a specific policy to view.

Disclaimer: The content on these webpages appears as a courtesy to site visitors and is for general informational purposes only. To obtain a copy of the official applicable policy or regulation, please contact Brookdale’s Public Records Custodian via the Public Records webpage of the Brookdale website at

2.0000 Acceptance of Gifts and Grants

2.0001 Naming Rights

2.0002 Public Access to Government Records

2.0015 Institutional Memberships

2.1000 College Security

2.1001 Preventing & Responding to Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Sexual Assault, and Stalking

2.2000 Post Construction Stormwater Management

2.3000 Services to Public and Nonprofit Organizations

2.4000 Clinical Facilities Contracts

2.5000 Election of a Graduate to the Board of Trustees

2.6000 Tobacco Free College Environment

2.7000 Fundraising

2.8000 Promotion, Advertising and Sponsorships

2.9000 Acceptable Use of Computer Network, Resources & Facilities