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3.9002 Non Discrimination

Disclaimer: The content on this webpage appears as a courtesy to site visitors and is for general informational purposes only. To obtain a copy of the official applicable policy or regulation, please contact Brookdale’s Public Records Custodian via the Public Records webpage of the Brookdale website at

I. Title of Policy



II. Objective of Policy

To affirm the College’s position on Equal Employment & Educational Opportunity and on Discrimination, Harassment, and Hostile Environment in the workplace and educational programs.


III. Authority

All applicable legislation including but not limited to Titles VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as amended; Civil Rights Act of 1991; Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972 as amended; the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act (VAWA) SaVE Act provision Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 as amended; Age Discrimination in Employment Act as amended; Americans with Disabilities Act; New Jersey Law Against Discrimination; Title 18A of the New Jersey Statutes; other applicable State or Federal law, and the Bylaws of the Board of Trustees.


IV. Policy Statement

Brookdale Community College is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action institution. No person in whatever relationship with the College, shall be subjected to discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, ancestry, age, sex, marital status, familial status, affectional or sexual orientation, gender identity, atypical hereditary cellular or blood trait, genetic information, liability for service in the Armed Forces of the United States, disability, protected activity (i.e., opposition to prohibited discrimination or participation in the complaint process), or domestic partnerships. Sexual harassment is a form of unlawful gender discrimination and, likewise, will not be tolerated.


V.  Responsibility for Implementation



Approved:  Board of Trustees, 6/21/01
Revision:  11/10/04
Revision:  19 June 2014
Approved:  19 June 2014