College Regulations

1.2050R  Contact with College’s Legal Counsel(s)

1.5140R  Process for Comments by the Public

2.0000R  Development and Acceptance of Gifts and Grants

2.0001R  Supervision of College Communications

2.0002R  Establishment of Board Policies and College Regulations 

2.0003R  Policy Items Requiring Action by the President

2.0004R  Action by the Board of Trustees

2.0005R  Official College Report 

2.0006R  Communications with the Media

2.0009R  Flag at Half Staff

2.0010R  College Health Services

2.0011R  Confidentiality of Data Records

2.0012R  Official Recognition of Members of the Community and Guests of the College

2.0013R  Involvement of Support Services in Program and/or Project Commitment

2.0014R  Confidentiality of Library Circulation Records

2.0015R  Institutional Memberships (Rev. 2/2013)

2.0018R  Fire Safety and Fire Prevention

2.0020R  Traffic Regulation

2.0021R  Board of Communications

2.0022R  Beer and Wine on Campus at Events Sponsored by College Organizations

2.0023R  Establishment of Safety and Heath Committee

2.0024R  Evaluation of College Services

2.0025R  Public Access to Government Records

2.1000R  College Security 

2.2000R  Closing of the College and/or Suspension of Classes

2.3000R  Records Storage, Retention, and Disposal

2.6000R  Tobacco Free College Environment

2.8000R  Promotion, Advertising, and Sponsorships 

2.9000R  Computer Resources, Network and Facilities Use (Rev. 4/2013)

2.9001R  College-Wide Website Standards and Practices

3.0005R  Medical Examinations

3.0008R  Registration for Non Credit Courses

3.0011R  Membership on Professional Standards Committee

3.6001R  Release of Information

3.6002R  Garnishment of Salary

3.6007R  Separation Reports

3.6019R  Applicant Testing

3.9002R  Non Discrimination

3.9006R  Drug Free Workplace

3.9007R  Staffing of Faculty Positions

3.9008R  Code of Ethics for Employees 

3.9009R  Progressive Discipline (Rev. 5/2013) 

3.9010R  Staffing of Administrative and Staff Positions

4.0000R  Delegation of Authority for Business and Finance

4.1002R  Refunds to Students through Veteran’s Administration

4.1003R  Refunds of Tuition and Fees 

4.1005R  Annual Review of Laboratory Fees

4.1006R  Cash Management Policy

4.2001R  Inventory Control 

4.3100R  Cell Phones and Mobile Devices

4.3501R  Travel, Mileage and Other Reimbursable Expenses (Rev. 12/12)

4.7000R  Agency Funds

4.7001R Red Flag Identity Theft Prevention Program

5.0001R  Textbook Regulation

5.0006R  Accountability for the Effectiveness of Educational Programs

5.0007R  Establishment, Evaluation and Discontinuance of Courses & Programs

5.0008R  Course Audit

5.0010R  Rights and Responsibilities

5.0011R  Acquisition and Circulation of Audio Visual Equipment

5.0012R  Acquisition of Media

5.0013R  Grading System

5.0014R  Credit by Assessment

5.0015R  Academic Amnesty

5.0018R  College Mass Media: The Stall and Collage

5.0019R  Cooperative Education Program

5.0020R  Student Program in Career Studies Portions of Academic Programs

5.0021R  Substitution for Required Courses

5.0022R  Student Grade Submissions

5.0023R  Course and Program Listings in Catalog and Master Schedule

5.0025R  Experimental Courses

5.0026R  Roster Distribution

5.0028R  Academic Standing

5.0029R  Testing and Placement for Developmental Courses

5.0030R  General Education

5.0031R  Special Project Courses

5.0032R  Recognition of Student Achievement

5.0033R  Interdisciplinary Courses

5.0034R Basic Skills

5.0035R  Honors at Brookdale (Rev. 2/ 2011) 

5.0036  Institutional Review Board

5.1000  Standards for Granting Degrees

6.1000R  Admissions (Rev. 2/2011)

6.1002R  Admission of International Students

6.1003R  Transfer Credit 

6.1004R  Provision of Reasonable Accommodation

6.1005R  Documentation Required for Determining County Residence Status

6.1500R  Registration

6.1501R  Placement Testing

6.1502R  Matriculation

6.1503R  Student Course Load

6.1504R  Release of Academic and Demographic Data About Students

6.1505R  Student Indebtedness

6.1506R  Posting of Faculty Names for Scheduled Courses

6.1700R  Eligibility for Graduation

6.1701R  Commencement

6.2000R  Financial Aid Program

6.2001R  Student Employment

6.2002R  Rates of Pay for Student Personnel

6.3000R  Student Conduct Code and Academic Integrity Code

6.3001R  Demonstrations on Campus or Learning Centers

6.3002R  Solicitations from the Student Body

6.5000R  In-County Tuition Rate for Foreign Students

6.6000R  Fast Start Program

6.6001R  Dual Enrollment Programs

6.6002R  Tech Prep Program 

6.7000R  Foreign Travel

6.8000R  Beer and Wine on Campus at Student-Sponsored Events

7.000R  Program Advisory Committees

7.0003R  Campus Tours and Visits

7.0004R Calendar of Community Events 

7.0005R  Approval and Payment of Part-Time Non-Credit Personnel

7.0006R  Public Events Board

7.0008R Non Credit Short Courses and Programs

7.0009R  Outside Speakers

7.0010R  County Use of Learning Resources

7.0006R  College Use of Community Facilities

7.0013R  Special Events

7.1000R  Community Use of Facilities, Grounds and Services

7.1001R  Litter Control

7.1002R  Pet Waste Control

7.1003R  Illicit Connections to College Sewers

7.1004R Wildlife Feeding Control

7.1005R  Improper Disposal Into College Sewers