5.000 Curriculum & Instruction

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5.0001R  Textbook Regulation

5.0007R  Establishment, Evaluation and Discontinuance of Courses & Programs

5.0008R  Course Audit

5.0010R  Rights and Responsibilities

5.0011R  Acquisition and Circulation of Audio Visual Equipment

5.0012R  Acquisition of Media

5.0013R  Grading System

5.0014R  Credit by Assessment

5.0015R  Academic Amnesty

5.0018R  College Mass Media: The Stall and Collage

5.0019R  Cooperative Education Program

5.0020R  Student Program in Career Studies Portions of Academic Programs

5.0021R  Substitution for Required Courses

5.0022R  Student Grade Submissions

5.0023R  Course and Program Listings in Catalog and Master Schedule

5.0025R  Experimental Courses

5.0026R  Roster Distribution

5.0028R  Academic Standing

5.0029R  Testing and Placement for Developmental Courses

5.0030R  General Education

5.0031R  Special Project Courses

5.0032R  Recognition of Student Achievement

5.0033R  Interdisciplinary Courses

5.0034R Basic Skills

5.0035R  Honors at Brookdale

5.0036  Institutional Review Board

5.1000  Standards for Granting Degrees