Study Skills


We cannot overstate the importance of good study skills in nursing success. The previously recommended book, How to Survive Nursing and Maybe Even Love Nursing School: Guide for Students, available in the Brookdale bookstore, has important information about study skills.


Strategies for success:

  • Your instructors will provide you with more information about study skills at the beginning of the program.
  • Be an active studier. Pre-read the assigned readings by skimming the headings, etc., to find out what information you should get out of the readings. Summarize what you have learned and keep notes in the margins of the book that summarize what you have learned.
  • Plan the time to study. Block out adequate time in your week and keep interruptions to a minimum.
  • Know and use your learning style. Use the information to plan your most effective study time.
  • Study groups are recommended for almost all students, depending on your learning style. Plan to join a study group while you are in the program.