Academic Amnesty

Academic Amnesty

Academic Amnesty allows students to restore their academic standing at the College by eliminating the previous academic credit from the current Grade Point Average (GPA).

Students who attended Brookdale in the past and attained very poor academic records may apply at the Registrar’s Office under the following conditions:

The student has had three years elapse since the end of the last term attended and the return to credit enrollment at the College. 

The student’s current academic standing is unsatisfactory, i.e., Warning, Probation,Suspension, Dismissal or their cumulative G.P.A. is below 2.0.

The student needs additional courses to complete program requirements.

The student must have successfully completed at least twelve (12) credits, i.e., no D’s, F’s or W’s, before applying for Academic Amnesty.

The GPA for all course work taken during this time must be at least a 2.0. 

Academic Amnesty can be granted one time only. All courses below Credit or C level during the student’s previous attendance will be included when Academic Amnesty is declared. All previous coursework will continue to appear on the student’s transcript, however, the excluded coursework will not be included in the calculations for the cumulative GPA.

Academic Amnesty Applied will appear on transcripts to indicate the separation of past coursework from the current.

Academic Amnesty does not affect or alter the student’s records for financial aid eligibility. 

Students must meet with a counselor before applying for Academic Amnesty to ensure the guidelines are met, and to secure approval.

The Dean of Academic Affairs will grant final approval.S tudents granted Academic Amnesty must maintain regular contact with their counselor to monitor academic progress.