Academic Integrity Code


The Academic Integrity Code is adopted for the purpose of providing a set of expectations and at the same time offering the assurance that all students will be accorded fair and objective treatment when violations occur. The Academic Integrity Code will apply to students engaging in academic activities of any kind or interfering with academic activities of any kind associated with Brookdale Community College.

The College ensures every individual has the right to a fair and equal process in academic disciplinary matters. The Process and Discipline Procedures for reporting a violation of academic integrity is part of the Academic Integrity Code and should be followed by all staff and faculty. For questions regarding the process and procedures you can contact the Office of the Dean of Academic Affairs at 732-224-2585.

The form to report a violation of the Academic Integrity Code should be completed and submitted to the Dean of Academic Affairs. To download the form use the link below:

Academic Integrity Code Report (AICR)