Educational Services Operational Plan

Goal 1: Inspire Student Success

Inspire students to achieve discipline expertise and learning autonomy while fostering their broader aspirations. Imbue the student experience with transformative skills and ideals that include information and technical literacy, participative democracy, and a commitment to environmental stewardship.

Objective 1.1   Model the love for learning.

Strategy 1.1A   Create a program modeling Brookdale teaching excellence.

Strategy 1.1B   Incorporate and imbed a comprehensive FYE program with college participation as measured by a minimum of two new curricular/co- curricular activities in each division that encourage student engagement.

Strategy 1.1C   Sponsor scholarly events and provide venues for faculty and students to share their research and expertise with the campus and community outside the classroom.

Strategy 1.1D   Increase the opportunities for faculty and staff to interact with students outside of the classroom by creating a partnership with Student Affairs.

Objective 1.2   Emphasize a learning environment that fosters intellectual curiosity and personal development.

Strategy 1.2A   Plan the development of learning communities at the Branch Campus and Higher Education Centers to be offered Fall 2013.

Strategy 1.2B   Develop an inventory of programs and activities that focus on civic engagement, sustainability and technical literacy.

Strategy 1.2C   Identify obstacles to student success and completion by participating actively in Big Ideas initiatives.

Strategy 1.2D   Implement an integrated, progressive college-wide information literacy program using a phased-in approach over the next five years.

Objective 1.3   Integrate curricular and co-curricular activities that enhance students’ discipline expertise.

Strategy 1.3A   Expand experiential learning into appropriate curriculum.

Strategy 1.3B   Identify a division liaison to facilitate faculty participation in relevant co- curricular programming.

Strategy 1.3C  Increase student participation in co-curricular activities at HECs and Branch Campus.

Objective 1.4   Implement activities that support participative democracy and environmental stewardship which empower the whole student.

Strategy 1.4A   Expand Student Leadership training programs to include at least three new targeted cohorts.

Strategy 1.4B   Explore the development of a co-curricular transcript that would provide additional incentive for students to volunteer in activities and programs that help them develop as good citizens and stewards of society.

Strategy 1.4C   Hold at least one Speak Out for students each semester.

Strategy 1.4D   Develop a communications plan to promote opportunities for students and staff to participate in College Action Team for Sustainability.

Strategy 1.4E   Write a feasibility study to offer Model UN program.

Objective 1.5   Incorporate academic support services to enhance the college experience.

Strategy 1.5A   Explore opportunities for improved retention intervention initiatives such as Retention Alert in Colleague.

Strategy 1.5B   Determine appropriate levels of support services at all Brookdale locations.

Strategy 1.5C   Develop four new partnership activities that showcase support services to identified student cohorts, such as Financial Aid Awareness Week in conjunction with Disability Services.

Objective 1.6   Exceed the standards of all of the College’s accrediting agencies

Strategy 1.6A   Ensure compliance with external accrediting agencies’ standards without exceptions.

Objective 1.7   Exceed the national means in our research studies.

Strategy 1.7A   Participate in national research studies and use the data to inform continuous improvement initiatives.


Goal 2: Enable Financial Acuity

Create a culture where financial acuity is every employee’s responsibility.

Objective 2.1   Educate the Division on fiscal conditions, College priorities, the budget development process, and resource allocation.

Strategy 2.1A   Hold at least one Educational Services meeting per year where the agenda is budget focused.

Strategy 2.1B   Set up teaching circles, a website, and CANVAS shell where the budget is explained.

Objective 2.2   Pursue enrollment development opportunities.

Strategy 2.2A   Identify emerging target populations and design and market programs to develop those populations.

Strategy 2.2B   Create new articulation agreements with 4-year institutions.

Strategy 2.2C   Create new dual enrollment programs with area high schools and increase the yield of students attending Brookdale Community College.

Strategy 2.2D   Identify our unique assets (eg. Big Band, Chhange, Brookdale Network, World War II Center) and develop associated plans to capitalize on their potential.

Strategy 2.2E   Conduct a feasibility study to reestablish a presence on Sandy Hook.

Objective 2.3   Secure alternate funding from grants, partnerships and sponsorships that align with College priorities.

Strategy 2.3A   Establish a grants team within Educational Services to identify and secure grant funding for innovations, renovations, equipment, and operational support.

Strategy 2.3B   Secure corporate and business sponsorship for events and activities.

Objective 2.4   Partner with the Foundation to fund Educational Services priorities.

Strategy 2.4A   Create a faculty liaison position to the Foundation to identify and foster partnership opportunities between the Foundation and Educational Services.

Objective 2.5   Embed financial viability and sustainability measures in the development and assessment of programs and services.

Strategy 2.5A   Develop a formula to be used in program reviews to quantify associated financial costs to be phased-in over a five year period.

Strategy 2.5B   Assess all activities in Educational Services for financial viability and sustainability by a routine, transparent process for future programs.


Goal 3: Achieve Curriculum Nimbleness

Employ a curriculum that is agile, flexible, responsive, predictive and sustainable.

Objective 3.1   Ensure dynamic pedagogy and curriculum that engages students in active scholarship.

Strategy 3.1A   Increase communication across disciplines by sharing of project based learning or hands-on projects.

Strategy 3.1B   Determine what type of stackable credentials are needed in the work force.

Strategy 3.1C   Identify and expand capstone learning opportunities.

Objective 3.2   Develop new curricula that are innovative and responsive to high demand occupations in Monmouth County and the global labor market.

Strategy 3.2A   Monitor employment trends in order to identify and provide appropriate programs and services.

Strategy 3.2B   Research and develop academic certificate programs that focus on employment trends to help students enter/reenter the workforce.

Objective 3.3   Redesign the curriculum development process to support innovation and responsiveness.

Strategy 3.3A   Employ an efficient electronic process for curriculum development and revision.

Objective 3.4  Implement alternative scheduling and delivery options that enable students to meet their educational goals.

Strategy 3.4A   Expand flexible scheduling and delivery options. Strategy 3.4B Offer more accelerated classes, certificates, and degrees.


Goal 4: Create an Evolving Educational Infrastructure

Take a leadership role in redesigning an educational infra-structure that supports evolving operational imperatives.

Objective 4.1   Use cross-functional teams to examine and revise our operational practices to support our evolution as an institution.

Strategy 4.1A   Implement electronic scheduling analytics to support effective and efficient schedules.

Strategy 4.1B   Document and streamline operating procedures using a phased-in approach over the next five years.

Strategy 4.1C   Use data and analytics to inform and streamline operational functions.

Objective 4.2   Create a digital environment that increases access to information and enhances efficiency and effectiveness.

Strategy 4.2A   Enhance web based applications including databases throughout the Division in a phased-in approach over a five-year period.

Strategy 4.2B   Prioritize emerging technologies that support and enhance student learning and division operations to ensure appropriate budget allocation.

Objective 4.3   Provide all employees with appropriate technology and professional development opportunities to meet their workplace needs.

Strategy 4.3A   Assess, prioritize and respond to the technology and professional development needs of the faculty, staff and administrators.

Strategy 4.3B   Expand the use of technology to schedule and offer professional development activities.

Objective 4.4   Ensure that all facilities are educationally effective, clean, safe, and climate appropriate.

Strategy 4.4A   Assess current state of Brookdale facilities that are core to the mission of Ed Services for security, cleanliness and educational efficiency.

Strategy 4.4B   Ensure emergency management procedures are communicated and understood by faculty, staff and students.


Goal 5: Optimize Creative Partnerships

Optimize relationships and partnerships to foster dynamic initiatives.

Objective 5.1   Maximize external relationships with area high schools, other colleges, businesses, international agencies, and government entities.

Strategy 5.1A   Inventory current and develop five new high school outreach activities to include faculty and staff.

Strategy 5.1B   Develop three new sustainable partnerships to ensure viable opportunities for all interested students.

Strategy 5.1C   Create a formal partnership with international colleges and universities to provide study abroad opportunities for Brookdale students, faculty and staff as well as make Brookdale a destination for individuals from abroad.

Objective 5.2   Enhance internal relationships to build collegiality, functionality, and productivity with institutional colleagues.

Strategy 5.2A   Identify and publicize all grant opportunities.

Strategy 5.2B   Collaborate with College Relations to develop a comprehensive marketing and branding plan for all Brookdale programs and locations.

Strategy 5.2C   Have pertinent organizations and groups give presentations at Division meetings beginning with scholarships from the Foundation.

Objective 5.3   Partner in economic and educational revitalization efforts throughout Monmouth County.

Strategy 5.3A   Establish three collaborative projects with government and non-profit organizations that positively impact economic development in Monmouth County.

Objective 5.4   Re-envision the Communiversity.

Strategy 5.4A   Develop a plan that enables the Communiversity to become a self- sustaining nationwide model.

Strategy 5.4B   Actively promote the transferability of Brookdale Community College degrees as a gateway to an advanced degree.