Ed Services IT Request Form

Ed Services IT Request Work Order Form

Please use the above link if you are requesting any information technology requests that involve work in a classroom, lab, or a department move of more than one individual. For example, you will need to use this form if you are requesting any purchases or installations that involve hardware, software, networking, etc., that will be placed in a classroom or lab or will effect an entire department. If you are requesting help for your individual machine, then you will still need to place an OIT help desk call by calling ext 4357. (Note: this form is currently being used only by Education Services; all other areas please proceed to contact the OIT Help Desk at ext 4357). If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email Patty Kahn at
  • Please select the building where your work will be completed. You do not need to select a building if your work is being completed at a regional location.
  • If the work order is for a new location, please be sure that the room number matches Facilities' records.
    Note: For all facilities requests, please be sure your request was registered in School Dude.
  • Please give a detailed description of the services you are requesting. Include facility requirements as well in this description and make sure to enter them in School Dude.
  • Please list any software to be installed. Include name, version, and operating system. Please indicate current location of software.
  • Please list any hardware to be installed (e.g. computers, printers, scanners, etc.) Provide make and model # if known. All hardware will be delivered to OIT.
  • Please list networking needs
  • Please list cable management requests.
  • Please list phone change requests (installation, moves, repairs, etc.)
  • Please list any additional changes that were not included in prior fields
  • This includes items like painting and moving furniture. All facility requests that were entered in School Dude need to be entered here again so that OIT will have a thorough understanding of the project.
  • Work Order Processing

    Upon submission of this form, the Director of Educational Services Operations will review your request and determine whether the work order can begin. You will be contacted if there is a problem with the request. If approved, OIT will be notified in order to expedite your request. PLEASE NOTE: Requests submitted via email will no longer be accepted. This form must be used for all OIT work orders.