Grade Appeal

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Grade Appeal Suggestions for Students from Students and Faculty

In order to begin, you should first review the entire Grade Appeal Process. You’ll be best prepared if you are aware of all possible steps in the process. Since this is a formal process, it is important that you keep copies of all records and activities relative to this appeal and be properly prepared to present your appeal. Below are suggestions from students and faculty to assist you in the process.

  • Gather any pertinent data. This may include:
    • Course syllabus
    • Any addenda (such as handbooks) supplied by the faculty if applicable to the course
    • Copies of any/all tests, quizzes or papers in your possession which are relevant to the grade in dispute
    • Copies of any/all notices and/or correspondence between you and the faculty member relevant to the grade in dispute.
  • Organize your thoughts and write a list of reasons why you feel the final grade should be changed. Be factual. Have someone proofread your work. Please remember that a grade appeal is not a forum for personality disputes but for legitimate situations where a final grade is in dispute

Student Grade Appeal Process   (includes steps and appeal form)