Education can be studied at both the undergraduate and graduate levels through the Communiversity. The preferred associate degree for each bachelor’s degree is located at the end of the program description.


BA in Elementary Education (K-5) with Teacher of Students with Disabilities (Special Education) Endorsement and optional (5-8) Specific Subject Endorsement with English or Psychology, offered through Georgian Court University

This BA provides the broad academic, cultural, and practical experience that enables students to be effective teachers for inclusive K-5 or K-8 classrooms serving a diverse student population. Students pursue a dual major in education PLUS Psychology (K-5 or K-8) or English (K-8). Students earn both elementary certification and teacher of students with disabilities endorsement, and may qualify for additional endorsements by taking additional elective courses. Brookdale’s Education AA Degree: Elementary, Middle School, and Secondary Education Option is the preferred associate degree for this program.

  • To learn more about the BA in Elementary Education/Special Education with Psychology, click here.
  • To learn more about the BA in Elementary Education/Special Education with English, click here.

MA in Administration and Leadership (Principal/School Administrator Certificate), offered through Georgian Court University

This MA program is for teachers aspiring to become educational administrators. The program emphasizes leadership in an inclusive school community to provide enriched educational experiences for a diverse K-12 student population. Upon completion of the program, graduates are able to apply for a letter of eligibility with advanced standing as a principal or those with three years of teaching experience may apply for a NJ Supervisor Certificate.

Elementary Education K–6 & Teacher of Students with Disabilities Teacher Education Certification with MA in Education Option

The program is designed with a three-phase learning macro concept.  Candidates must demonstrate competency at each phase before beginning the next phase. In Phase I, initial instruction is provided at the novice or theoretical level.  Phase II is an application level followed by a mastery level, Phase III.  Each phase is designed to include, at a minimum, the New Jersey Professional Standards for Teachers, the New Jersey Special Education Topical Areas, the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and the International Society of Technology in Education.

The graduate post-baccalaureate teacher certification program consists of two components.  In the first component students complete the requirements for teacher certification, including completion of any prerequisite undergraduate credits.  In the second component students complete the graduate curricular program, and have the option of completing the master’s program while teaching or teaching full-time for 1 year and then returning to complete the master’s program.  Students have six years after completion of the certification to complete the master’s degree.