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New Jersey’s science and technology university, established 130 years ago, has doubled the size of its campus in the last decade, pouring millions into major new research facilities to give NJIT students the edge they’ll need in today’s worldwide high-tech marketplace. Learn more about the NJIT mission here. 


Programs Offered

BS in Information Technology 
This online program prepares students to integrate, design, deploy and manage computing and telecommunication resources and services. Graduates will be ready to contribute to the development and evolution of technology infrastructures in organizations. Through core courses that provide fundamental knowledge and hands-on practice in information technology functions, systems development, and applications, leading to specialty concentrations offering the breadth and depth of NJIT’s technology core, this interdisciplinary program is designed for students to develop a marketable expertise in an IT area of their choosing. Brookdale’s Computer Science AS is the preferred associate degree for this program.

MS in Engineering Management
This online program develops engineers and other technically trained individuals for leadership roles in a technology based, project-oriented enterprise. The program focuses on interdisciplinary course work and research in order to provide students with an advanced background in both the theoretical and practical aspects of managing technical/engineering projects. Further, it provides broad-based knowledge and skills to succeed as organizational managers and project managers.

MS in Information System
This online program emphasizes the planning, investigation, design, development, application and evaluation of information systems. It is designed for students who are interested in the application of information systems to business, physical sciences, social sciences, biological sciences, the arts, humanities and engineering.

MS in Professional and Technical Communications
This online program prepares students for careers in the rapidly growing field of technical communication. The degree enables students to acquire an understanding of information technologies and to approach communication issues with problem-solving skills.

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