Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Communiversity?

The Communiversity is a six-member alliance of New Jersey Colleges and universities offering select associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Brookdale Community College. Complete your associate degree at Brookdale and apply to transfer into a bachelor’s degree program offered on one of Brookdale’s campuses. Already have a bachelor’s degree? Apply directly into one of our graduate programs.

How does a Communiversity bachelor’s degree work?

Brookdale offers the first and second year courses required to earn an associates degree, which then transfers to specific bachelor’s degrees offered at the Communiversity. The partner colleges offer the third and fourth year of the bachelor’s degree and the degree is granted by the partner college.

Does this mean I will be earning a Bachelor’s degree from Brookdale?

No. The bachelor’s degree will be granted by the partner institution, not Brookdale.

Who are the partners?

  • Brookdale Community College
  • Georgian Court University
  • Montclair State University
  • New Jersey City University
  • New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey


What programs are offered?

  • Business
  • Education
  • Health Sciences
  • Information Technology
  • Liberal Arts
  • Public Safety


Do all of the partners offer all of the programs?

No. To find out which institutions offer which programs, please click here.

Do you offer Secondary Education?

At this time the Communiversity does not offer Secondary Education.

If I don’t see a program I am interested in, does that mean that Communiversity is not an option for me?

The Communiversity is always growing. Please check back with us when you are thinking about transferring to determine what is currently being offered.

Where is the Communiversity located?

Programs are conveniently located at Brookdale’s Wall Higher Education Center in Southern Monmouth County, at Brookdale’s Western Monmouth Branch Campus in Freehold in Western Monmouth County, at Brookdale’s Lincroft Campus in Central Monmouth County, and via distance education. To find out which programs are offered at which location, please click here.

What is the application process for applying to the Communiversity?

  • If you have not completed your associate’s degree, apply to Brookdale Community College and notify your counselor of your interest in the Communiversity.
  • If you have already earned your associate’s degree, you should apply directly to the college that offers the bachelor’s degree of your choice.
  • Likewise, if you have earned your bachelor’s degree, you should apply directly to the college that offers the master’s degree of your choice.
  • If you have some previous college credit and are not sure of your next steps, consult with the Communiversity staff.


How early can I apply to transfer into a bachelor’s degree at the Communiversity?

If you are interested in any of Georgian Court University or New Jersey City University’s bachelor’s degrees you can apply for Dual Admission as early as your first semester at Brookdale. Dual Admissions guarantees a seamless transition between Brookdale and either Georgian Court University or New Jersey City University. To learn more about Dual Admissions, click here. For all other programs you would apply to transfer in your last semester at Brookdale.

As a Brookdale graduate, am I guaranteed admission to the member college of my choice?

Yes, provided you have:

  • Taken the required courses
  • Achieved the required grade point average as set by the partner institution
  • Met all the admissions requirements of the individual school
  • Met the application deadline


Should I meet with a Communiversity advisor?

Yes. A Communiversity advisor can assist you with the application process, answer any questions you may have about earning your degree, and ensure that you seamlessly transfer from your associate to your bachelor’s degree.

How do I register for Communiversity classes?

You register directly with your chosen Communiversity institution after you have been offered admission and have met with your program academic advisor.

What is the tuition?

Tuition costs vary from school to school and depend on whether you are pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree.

How can I receive Financial Aid?

Students interested in financial aid should complete the FAFSA form online at Please be sure to indicate your chosen Communiversity institution on the form.

How do I know which credits transfer to the Communiversity?

Students who have already completed their associates or who have prior college credits will receive a transcript evaluation after acceptance to the Communiversity institution of their choice.

How do I contact the Communiversity?

You can contact the Communiversity by calling (732) 280-7090 or by email at