Streaming Video

Students enrolled in courses which use video have the opportunity to view courses through streaming videos . Streaming video is a web-based tool that gives students the flexibility to view video content at any time, day or night, over the Internet.

To view NJVid Videos, please use your unique login and password. If you need to retrieve your log-in information, please go to NetID. You will be asked for your Last Name and your Social Security number OR your Student ID number.

ANTH 105 – DE02D

Cultural Anthropology: Our Diverse World

* Note to ANTH 105 students: generic password
for ALL students is ‘video’ (lower-case, no quotes)

ENGL 245 – DE01D; ENGL 246-DE01D

American Passages

HGEO 105 – DE01D

The Power of Place

HIST 105 – DE01D; HIST-106-DE01D

Bridging World History

HIST 105 – DE01D

Western Traditions – I

NURS 160 – DE01D, DE80D

Anatomy: Circulatory and Respiratory

NURS 162 – DE01D, DE80D

Immunization Techniques

NURS 163 – DE01D

Opening Doors

NURS 165 – DE01D

Dying to Live

NURS 261 – DE01D, DE80D

People Say I’m Crazy

PHIL 115 – DE01D

The Examined Life
PSYC 105 – DE01D, PSYC 106 – DE02D

Discovering Psychology

SOCI 101 – DE02D

Killing Us Softly

SOCI 101 – DE02D


SOCI 101 – DE02D

What a Girl Wants

SOCI 105 – DE01E

Ethnic Notions

SOCI 105 – DE01E

Tim Wise on White Privilege