Success Centers Staff

Student Services staff welcome you!  Below, you’ll find some more information about the people who are waiting to assist you in each of our Student Success Centers.

Student Services Generalists will assist you in preparing to register or to see your counselor by helping you to understand your program and course selections. They assist with the transfer process and serve as your liaison to all of Brookdale’s services. Generalists also work with you on developing student life and activities at the SSC as well as on a variety of special projects.

Learning Assistants and Student Development Associates can help you get started with Brookdale and provide you with information on financial aid, testing and other services. Learning Assistants also provide academic support in areas such as Reading, Writing, Mathematics and Computer Science.

Student Development Specialists/Counselors are available by appointment.

Have a problem or concern about the SSCs? Contact any of the following: 


Dee Anderson, Learning Assistant (Writing/Reading specialization)
Dee Anderson returned to Brookdale in 2009 bringing a portfolio of experience back to her Brookdale roots. A writer at heart, Dee earned a BA in English Literature with a minor in writing from Drew University and an MA in English with a concentration in writing from William Paterson University.

Dee began her career in higher education in the Brookdale writing program, then went on to faculty and administrative positions at one of New Jersey’s four year institutions. Dee’s independent creative projects include writing and leading workshops that focus on self-exploration and personal development. She brings this interest to her work with students, in addition to her academic and administrative background, for a truly integral approach to student success. Contact Dee at 732-774-3363

Richard W. Carr II: Learning Assistant (Writing/Reading Specialization)
Rick began his college career at Brookdale in 2002 where, as a student, he was President of the English Club and a member of Phi Theta Kappa, a national honor society for two-year colleges. He graduated with a degree in Liberal Arts in 2005, winning the Most Outstanding Student Award in English. From there, he went on to continue his study of Creative Writing and Literature at The New School where he graduated with his BA in 2007.

Rick began working at Brookdale in fall of 2007 as an adjunct instructor in the English Department and as an hourly learning assistant in the Writing Center. In fall of 2010, Rick became a full time Learning Assistant with the Student Success Center at the Eastern Monmouth Campus. Currently he is working on his MFA in Creative Writing at Pine Manor College. Rick has a passion for writing, music, and politics, and he always has a list of creative endeavors in the works. Contact Rick at 732-224-1900

Joseph Caruso, Student Services Generalist
Joe has always considered Brookdale “home” and has been connected to the Brookdale community since 1991. In 2003 he joined the Counseling Division full-time. It was there that he realized the importance of student development and was motivated to pursue his M.A. in Psychology, from Northcentral University.

In November 2008, Joe joined the Student Success team as Student Services Generalist, and is proud to be a part of bringing Higher Education to the community. In addition, Joe is an adjunct faculty member of the Counseling department. He received a B.A. in Communication from Monmouth University and an A.A. in Music from Brookdale. Contact Joe at  732-229-8440

Tim Cox, Student Services Generalist
Tim joined Brookdale in the spring of 2011 after working for a 2 years as an admissions recruiter at another community college in New Jersey. In addition to general student services, Tim is also responsible for developing student programming for Brookdale’s regional locations.

He is a member of NASPA, an association for student affairs administrators in higher education and will finish his Masters of Science degree in Higher Education Administration in spring 2012. He has an associate degree in communications from Union County College and a bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communication from the University of North Carolina. Contact Tim at 732-625-7031

Mary Ann Gurrera, Part Time Student Development Associate
Mary Ann has been with Brookdale since 2009, working as an Office Assistant in the Western Monmouth Branch Campus, and for the past year as a Student Development Associate in the Western Monmouth Student Success Center.

Prior to coming to Brookdale, Mary Ann worked for a large financial organization for twenty years as an Administrative Manager, Executive Administrative Assistant, and Training and Development Coordinator. Contact Mary Ann at 732-224-7010

Elizabeth Kelly, Student Services Generalist:
Elizabeth has been working for Brookdale since 2007. She spent 3 years as a Student Development Associate for the Educational Opportunity Fund program before joining the Student Success Center team in 2011. She earned a BA in English from Georgian Court University and a MA from Kean University in Reading Specialization with an emphasis on Adult Literacy. Contact Elizabeth at  732-739-6013

Lois Levine, Learning Assistant (Writing/Reading Specialization)
Lois Levine joined the Studetn Success Center team in the fall of 2010 but has been working at Brookdale as both an adjunct instructor in the English Department and an hourly learning assistant at the Writing Center since 2008.

Prior to working at Brookdale, Lois was a magazine journalist, working for magazines that included Rolling Stone, Working Woman, Where New York and Bloomberg Personal Finance. She is completed her Masters Degree in English Literature at Monmouth University and received her undergraduate degree in English Literature from SUNY-Buffalo.  

Meghan Ingstrup, Student Services Generalist
Meghan has been working in the field of Higher Education for 12 years and earned her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology through Rutgers University. For most of her time in higher education, Meghan has focused on the areas of Admissions and Registration. In addition to those specialties, she has experience with Veteran’s Affairs, Financial Aid, Testing, and Academic Advising.

As a Student Services Generalist, Meghan routinely uses all that knowledge when working with Brookdale’s students and community members. Meghan is a current member of NACADA, a national academic advising association; AACRAO, a national association for registrars and admissions officers; and NASPA, a national association for college student affairs professionals and is currently working on her Masters of Education in Educational Counseling. Contact Meghan at  732-625-7004

Cecilia Rodriguez, Student Development Associate
Cecilia has been a Brookdale employee since 1995 and brings to Brookdale an eclectic background of education and interests. Cecilia is originally from Colombia and has a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from her home country. Since joining Brookdale, Cecilia has also acquired associate’s degrees in both Interior Design and Business Administration. Cecilia enjoys using her bilingual skills (Spanish/English) to assist students and in her free time enjoys oil painting, reading, and cooking. Contact Cecilia at 732-224-1513

Dee Selheim, Student Services Generalist
Dee started her career at Brookdale in the Reading Department as a Learning Disability tutor. After tutoring students in a variety of subjects for 14 years, she transitioned to the Student Success Center team. In February, 2007 Dee became a Learning Assistant for the Wall and Northern Monmouth Higher Education Centers specializing in Writing and Reading. In November 2008 she became the Student Services Generalist at the Wall Higher Education Center. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in English from Villanova University. Contact Dee at 732-280-7090

Lynne Shaffery, Learning Assistant (Math/Computer Science Specialization)
Lynne has been a Brookdale employee since 2002. She began in the Reading Department as a part-time Learning Disabilities tutor. In 2008 she took on the additional position as an adjunct instructor, teaching classes for the Reading and Math departments. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Rutgers University and a Master of Education degree from Monmouth University.

Prior to working at Brookdale, Lynne worked as a systems analyst and designed, programmed and installed computer application systems. This combination of education and experiences provides a solid background for the position of Math/Computer Science Learning Assistant, which she began in June, 2010. Contact Lynne at 732-625-7050 

Paulette Simpson, Student Services Generalist
Paulette began her employment at Brookdale in January 2005 as a Student Development Associate for the EOF program. In 2007, she joined the Student Success Center team, where she provides academic, financial and support services to Brookdale students at the Eastern Monmouth Higher Education Center. She graduated from Bloomfield College with a BA in Sociology. Contact Paulette at 732-774-3363

Patti Tschaen, Learning Assistant (Math/Computer Science specialization)
Patti began at Brookdale in 2008. Prior to coming to Brookdale, Patti worked as a high school teacher and then, as a software developer and systems engineer at a large corporation for 20 years. During that time, Patti also developed and coordinated an “Adopt-A-School” program that integrated software professionals with students at a local elementary school as mentors, tutors, field trip chaperones and reading buddies.

Patti received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Massachusetts, a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from The Pennsylvania State University, and a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. Contact Patti at 732-280-7090

Shanna Williams, Learning Assistant (Writing/Reading specialization)
Shanna began her college career at Brookdale, graduating with an A.A. degree in English. From there she went to Monmouth University where she earned her B. A. in English with a minor in Gender Studies, and her M.A. in Liberal Arts with a concentration in English and History. She is currently working on her second masters in English Literature.

While Shanna has been an adjunct in the English Department at Brookdale since 2004, she joined the Student Success Center team as a Reading and Writing Learning Assistant in January 2008. Reading and writing are her two favorite pastimes. She has experience with many different kinds of writing including, but not limited to: essay, academic research, thesis, editorial pieces, feature articles in news, and hard news writing. Shanna loves to help students improve their reading and writing skills. Contact Shanna at 732-739-6010

Wallace Wilson, Learning Assistant (Math/Computer Science specialization)
Wallace Wilson is proficient in math and computer science, holding a B.S. in Engineering Technology, a B.S. in Applied Computer Science and Technology and a Graduate Certificate in Object-Oriented Design, all from New Jersey Institute of Technology. He also earned his Master’s degree in Software Engineering from Monmouth University.

Before Brookdale, Wallace’s career included time as instructor and director of a four year university program for pre-college students, as well as conducting research and development for the U.S. military. Wallace started working at Brookdale in 2004 as an adjunct math instructor. He joined the Student Success Center in Fall 2007 and continues professional development through multiple certifications in Microsoft Office software programs. Contact Wallace at 732-774-3363