GED Testing

NJ High School Equivalency Diploma Testing

Brookdale Community College’s Testing Center is now able to offer the GED test on computer on our Lincroft campus.

If you would like to test, please register on  The fee is $120.00, which must be paid by a credit card.

If you are 16 or 17 years old, you must have written authorization from a parent or guardian.  We must also approve you in the system; please call us at 732-224-2584, leave a message, and someone will get back to you.

Please, also,

  • Make sure you have two valid ID’s.  One must be a valid photo ID.  Acceptable ID’s include State of NJ driver’s license or MVC Card, US Passport, Passport from another country which must be accompanied by a letter from your consulate verifying authenticity, Monmouth County ID Card, or military ID card.  School or employment ID’s are unacceptable for primary IDs.  The secondary ID can be any of the previous mentioned ID’s or a social security card, birth certificate, etc.  We must verify the following information:  An identifiable photo, that you are a NJ resident, and your date of birth/age.
  • Get an email address if you don’t have one.  It is free!   A couple of suggestions for free, easy to use email accounts include: or
  • Brush up!  You can call 732-229-8440 for additional information.

Did you know?????   There will be multiple pathways for a State of New Jersey State Issue High School Diploma!!!!  Click here for more information.  

Want to know more about NJ High School Equivalency Testing?  Click here for FAQ’s.

Important Information About the GED in 2014

On January 1, 2014, the GED has transitioned to a new form of the test. After that time, any tests marked as “incomplete” or “non-passed” will be void, and candidates will have to take the entire test over again, not just the sections not passed or not yet taken.

The GED Testing Service website has additional information.