Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials 

We hear it all the time: “Can you show me that?”   Unfortunately, we’re not always here to do that!  That’s why we created a series of video tutorials to show students how to use the tools at their disposal here on the website and elsewhere in cyberspace.

Please take advantage of the following videos, or view them at (and subscribe to) our YouTube Channel.

Log in to the MyBrookdale Portal 

How to Register for Classes on Webadvisor 

How to Make a Counseling Appointment

Online (Video Chat) Appointments

 How to Check Your Grades Online   

Transfer Resources using 

 Transfer Resources at Brookdale  

Transfer Resources at  

 Calculating Your GPA

Graduation 101 – Part I: An Overview

Graduation 101 – Part II: Review of Degree Audit

 Welcome to Brookdale, Part I: Transition from High School 

Welcome to Brookdale, Part II: Your First Year

Distance Counseling Appointments



Remember you can subscribe to our YouTube Channel!