Educational Opportunity Fund Program

Preparing students for college completion, transfer to four-year colleges, workforce entry, and responsible citizenship.


Purpose of this Website

Our EOF website is designed to serve as a student success portal, placing emphasis on establishing the site as a communications hub and educational resource for students, both future and current, and for parents and educators. Special features include touch points which promote use of the site for admissions, enrollment, program participation, and assessment of program services. In addition, the site folds in an assortment of Brookdale webpages to promote ease of access to valuable information and additional resources integral to student success, while also allowing students to access external websites that can assist them with managing their college experience. Website questions or comments can be directed to either Richard Morales-Wright at or Rebecca Clark at

EOF Program Main Office Location

Lincroft Campus, CAR Building, First Floor, Suite 105, Telephone 732-224-2510, Fax 732-224-1969


State of New Jersey Office of the Secretary of Higher Education 

EOF: Our State’s Premier College Access and Student Support Service Program

The Educational Opportunity Fund, commonly referred to as EOF, is a state-funded college access and student support service program, hosted and financially supported by New Jersey’s colleges and universities, both public and private, two-year and four-year. All program students are low-income and often the first in their families to attend college and referred to as first generation.

Students admitted to the EOF program must meet both academic and financial eligibility requirements. Their admission is based on evidence of promise and potential to succeed at the college level with the support of the partnership established by the EOF program and the college it resides at.

Over 12,000 students are enrolled in EOF programs across the state and its graduates are educators, business owners, health care professionals, public officials, social service providers, and more. They work in non-profits, educational, business, and our government sectors.

Since 1968, over 40,000 college graduates have earned their certificates, associates, bachelors, masters, doctorates, and professional degrees with the support of the Educational Opportunity Fund.


 The Brookdale EOF Advantage

Program Admission, Financial Support & Student Success Services

Students selected for admission to our program are highly motivated, goal-oriented, and committed to full-time study as they pursue their educational and career-related goals. The completion of our application process is required for pursuing admission. Financial support covering college costs combined with our student success services and the academic and student life programs available at the college serve as the building blocks for a bright and successful future!

Our students are encouraged to work hard in working towards their goals – and this includes making a commitment to active participation in program services, striving to excel in the classroom, and devoting time where possible to exercising social responsibility as active and involved citizens.

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EOF Income Eligibility Scale


Announcements & News for Brookdale’s Current Program Students

Attention Students Enrolled in Fall 2015 Math Supervised Study: We need your feedback! Please complete this anonymous survey- Math Supervised Study, Fall 2015 Student Survey

Attention Spring 2016 New Program Admits: Finalizing program enrollment requires the completion of the EOF 2015-2016 Annual Enrollment Activation Form

Attention Students Nominated for Recognition as an NJEOF Student Achievement Awardee: Click here to download the Publication Release Form. All forms must be faxed to 732-224-1969 or delivered to the Brookdale EOF Office.

Attention Students Required to Participate in Math Achieve One-to-One Support Service: Enroll here.

Open to All Students


Spring 2016 EOF Student Success Conference: The Spring 2016 EOF Conference will be held on Friday, March 4th–REGISTER NOW! Registration Confirmation

Calling All Males! Please consider registering for Brookdale Community College’s 2nd Minority Male Initiative Conference on February 19th. Register now!