Academic Progress

Click here to view a PDF of the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for Financial Aid Recipients.

All financial aid recipients are required by federal and state regulations to meet standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress as established at Brookdale. This policy applies to all students applying for financial aid from any financial aid program administered by the Financial Aid Office at Brookdale.

As of 2012, the Student Academic Progress policy is monitored each term for all students.

Please note: the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy is different from the College’s Standards of Academic Performance.

In addition to a minimum GPA requirement, the Standard Academic Policy examines the number of credits you have attempted, and stipulates how many of them you must earn. There is also a maximum number of remedial credits (30), for which a student may receive financial aid, as well as a Maximum Time Frame in which a student must complete their degree.

The policy examines the number of credits you have attempted, stipulates how many credits you have earned, and requires a minimum GPA.

For more information about satisfactory academic progress for financial aid recipients, including descriptions of academic progress status, click here to view a PDF of the  Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for Financial Aid Recipients 

Appeal Process

Students who do not meet the requirements of their probation due to extenuating circumstances (illness, injury, death of family member etc.) may submit a written appeal to the Financial Aid Appeals Committee in the Office of Financial Aid. The student must explain any mitigating circumstances and submit appropriate documentation to support the appeal and reason for unsatisfactory academic performance. The Appeals committee meets weekly.

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