SALT Money Management

Reerence Desk in the Bankier Library

Brookdale’s new $ALT financial education and management service

Brookdale has partnered with American Student Assistance® (ASA) to provide a new membership program to our students and recent alumni called SALT. Our institution is providing this comprehensive program as part of a well-rounded education to help our students become financially literate during college and beyond.

SALT is a dynamic, multi-channel financial education and debt management program. SALT educates, empowers and engages students to truly own their finances by making it both rewarding and easy to make smart decisions about their money and student loan borrowing.

Through this comprehensive program, our students and recent alumni receive:

  • Proactive communication about student loan repayment options
  • One-on-one repayment counseling with student loan experts
  • A personalized online dashboard to track all their federal and private student loans and compare payment options
  • Highly interactive online financial education content
  • Multiple “self-serve” online tools and calculators to assist with budgeting
  • Advocacy and assistance with resolving complex student loan related problems

SALT is the new brainchild from ASA®—one of the most respected nonprofits helping students manage college loans and payments for over 50 years. ASA manages a portfolio of 1.4 million college student borrowers and 94% of these loans are in good standing.

For additional information about the program, all enrolled students will be receiving a packet of information including frequently asked questions and the contact information for the SALT loan counselors and member support associates.

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