Conquer Cancer Club

Nancy O’Shea
William DeVoe   732-224-1973

Student Life Administrator
Lauren Brustman   732-224-2392

Meeting Dates/Times

Statement of Purpose
The Conquer Cancer Club welcomes all Brookdale students to join us in our mission to (1) be a community of those affected by cancer, (2) raise awareness of all different cancers (especially less-known and lesser funded cancers), (3) raise funds for those affected by this devistating disease and contribute efforts to find new treatments and ultimately discover cures, (4) investigate the root causes of cancer in its many forms, research medical findings and treatments, and to present this information at our forums for all to learn from our collective pursuits, and (5) strive to make a real difference for those with this wretched ailment.  The Conquer Cancer Club serves to be a beacon of hope for all members of the Brookdale community.  Together let us seek to make cancer a thing of the past.

Club Constitution