Jewish Student Union

Jewish Student Union Executive Board Members with the Rabbi.

JSU Executive Board Members with the Rabbi. From left to right: Lorena Ruvinova, Samantha Rosen, Chelsea Becourtney, Heather Goldfarb, and Rabbi Shmaya Galperin

Jerry Russell   732-224-2068

Student Life Administrator:
Lauren Brutsman   732-224-2392

President: Samantha Rosen

Vice President: Lorena Ruvinova

Treasurer: Ilona Ruvinova

Secretary: Chelsea Becourtney

Co-Secretary: Heather Goldfarb

Club Email

Thursdays, 11:30am-1pm in ATC 101

Statement of Purpose:
The primary purpose of the Jewish student group is to provide living Judaism to the students at Brookdale Community College within the framework of traditional Judaism.

Club Constitution

The Jewish Student Union on their trip to the Museum of Jewish Heritage in NYC.