Jewish Student Union

Jewish Student Union Executive Board Members with the Rabbi.

JSU Executive Board Members with the Rabbi. From left to right: Lorena Ruvinova, Samantha Rosen, Chelsea Becourtney, Heather Goldfarb, and Rabbi Shmaya Galperin

Jerry Russell   732-224-2068

Student Life Administrator:
Lauren Brutsman   732-224-2392

President: Samantha Rosen

Vice President: Lorena Ruvinova

Treasurer: Ilona Ruvinova

Secretary: Chelsea Becourtney

Co-Secretary: Heather Goldfarb

Club Email

Thursdays, 11:30am-1pm in ATC 101

Statement of Purpose:
The primary purpose of the Jewish student group is to provide living Judaism to the students at Brookdale community college within the framework of traditional Judaism.

Club Constitution