Physics & Astronomy Club

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Liu Xiaoxiang (Nancy)
Sarbmeet Kanwal

Student Life Administrator
Lauren Brutsman   732-224-2392

MAS 115 | 11:45am | First Tuesday of the month

Statement of Purpose
The Brookdale Community College Physics & Astronomy Club strives to provide the campus and community with an increased understanding of Physics for those who want to understand the nature of our physical reality.  We foster an appreciation for the physicists who pioneered the pivotal discoveries of the 20th century which revolutionized the world and the modern culture we live in. We host a monthly Open Physics Symposium to freely discuss topics related to the Physical Sciences.

We also coordinate weekly peer-led Snack & Study sessions to support students currently enrolled in Physics classes.  We have a variety of special events ranging from astronomical observing nights to special guest speakers.  Additionally we stay busy and have fun with engineering group projects for hands on learning as well as field trips to science related institutions to enhance our learning experience outside of the classroom.

 Club Constitution

Executive Board (2013-2014)

President - Michelle Paci Treasurer - Stuart Brown
Vice President - John O’Leary Secretary - Christy Calamunci


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