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Diane Booker 732-224-1978

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Lauren Brutsman   732-224-2392

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10/12, 11/9, 12/14; 12pm-1pm in MAS 100

SNA mission statement:   The Brookdale Student Nurses’ Association provides nursing students an opportunity to reach out to fellow nursing students for advice and assistance in study methods, provides programs of interest to nursing students, and facilitates the tradition of the “Pinning Ceremony” conducted to honor the challenging, dedicated efforts of the nursing graduates.

What is SNA? The Student Nurses’ Association is a resource. All of us nursing students are working our way through the breadth of material, the uniqueness of the nursing program exams, and required steps to successfully pass the test outs. It is challenging, and even more so when one feels alone in that process.  SNA can bridge the gap for each nursing student as they begin the program and then as needed for students in the future semesters with 1) monthly meetings where fellow nursing students can meet and discuss challenges/questions about issues with other students outside of the classroom or clinical and hear advice/anecdotes from working RNs who speak at the meetings; 2) with participating in SNA organized/selected community events; and 3) by utilizing the “PRN pals”  student-to-student  tutoring that the SNA organizes.

What is “PRN pals” ?  It is a student-to-student tutoring service that SNA organizes.  The service uses Brookdale nursing students who volunteer to be “tutors” to fellow nursing student classmates.  Nursing students who are interested in using the service or volunteering as a tutor should email Please include “PRN” in the subject line and indicate in the body of the email what semester you are in and what subject area you were looking for a tutor in which to assist you.

Why join SNA?  The $20 dues, which are a required one-time payment from each nursing student to be SNA member,  go towards a variety of activities, for example, lunch for all who attend the SNA monthly meetings, SNA apparel/activities, and of course the Pinning Ceremony of each graduating class.  Think of paying your $20 SNA dues as your commitment to complete the nursing program and graduate.

What to expect at monthly meetings? Discussion on any upcoming SNA organized community events/fundraisers or events that SNA is participating in, discussion on upcoming Pinning Ceremony requirements, opportunities for volunteer sign up for any and all SNA activities, sale of SNA apparel, brief forum for any major nursing student issues/concerns,  and ** interactive presentations from RNs working in various medical fields—Speakers to include RNs from pediatric emergency medicine, general emergency  room, telemetry, critical telemetry intensive care unit, oncology, med-surg, forensic/ sexual assault nursing, legal nursing..and of course, lunch will be available!

How exactly does PRN pals work? It is SNA’s way of saying “you are not alone.”  SNA will ask for and then develop a list of nursing student volunteer tutors and the subject areas they are most comfortable tutoring in.  Any nursing student can then email  and ask to be paired up with a tutor in a particular area to assist them in studying the course material.  An SNA club officer will link the person up with a tutor within 2 days from time of request.  The guidelines are that the two paired up individuals will coordinate time and place for the 1-hour tutoring session.

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