Theater Club

Sherri Vanderspiegel   732-224-2522
John Bukovec   732-224-2605

Student Life Administrator
Jill Donovan   732-224-2195

Thursdays – 11:30am – PAC 101

2014-2015 Officers

President Adam von Pier
Vice President Matt Yee
Treasurer Amelia Vitale
Secretary A.J. Melnick
Public Relations Matthew Brautigan
Communications Mary McQuarrie

Statement of Purpose
We, the students of Brookdale Community College, having an interest in theatrical events, i.e. plays and workshops, believing that drama is a vital and constructive force in society, feeling that an organization which presents and opportunity for a student body to become more intimately acquainted with techniques of theatrical events is a necessary element in the process of a liberal education, intending to provide a program for the production and promotion of the college community, the cultural exchange of events with other institutions, the development of experimental workshops, the enrichment of creative talents, the goal of high aesthetic values, the responsibilities of resenting the college throughout communities, and in any other situation pertaining to the role of theatrical events in our society, do hereby assume and promote the responsibilities of the said program under provisions which follow, and subject to regulations, do hereby establish this constitution of the Organization of the Associated Students of Brookdale Community College, Known as Theater Club.

Club Constitution


Puppeteer Demonstration, Spring 2014

Spamalot, Spring 2014

Summer Shakespeare’s A Winter’s Tale, Summer 2014