Gold Star Awards

Gold Star Awards at Navesink 2013

Gold Star Award – May 2015


Nominations are due by March 31st at 5pm in SLC 101!

The Gold Star Awards are held every year by the Student Life Board to recognize those people and organizations who have made a special contribution to College life. It is a celebration of the successes of the past academic year and is held annually at the end of the spring semester.

Awards given include the General Gold Star for those members of the campus community who have gone “above and beyond” in their College duties during the past year.  The Student Life Board also began recognizing the Best Student Club, Best Club President, Best Advisor, Most Active Member, and Best On-Campus Program in 2008.

At the Gold Star awards ceremony, the Jersey Blues Athletic Department also recognizes our outstanding scholar athletes. These are first or second year students who exhibit exemplary leadership on and off the field combining academic, athletic and humanitarian achievements.

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