Title IX, Sexual Harassment and VaWa Web Tutorial


We hope you’re excited to be starting at Brookdale Community College. September is less then a month away and we know you are committed to being prepared by participating in these online tutorials.

One thing that makes college different then high school is your status as a student. Brookdale considers you to be an adult student learner. That means we will work to assist you in meeting your educational goals and expect you to follow our community standards. At your new student orientation, scheduled for the week of August 18, you will be able to participate in a workshop on Rights and Responsibilities led by representatives from Student Life & Activities and the Brookdale Police Department. We recommend you review the Brookdale Student Code of Conduct to be prepared for that workshop.Brookdale Police

Brookdale is a very safe campus community, in fact ranked Brookdale Community College the safest college in the state of New Jersey. As a student you have the right to be aware of the crime statistics for your campus, which Brookdale provides annually in our Clery Report available online.

Title IX, Sexual Harassment and VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) TRAINING

In response to recent changes in federal law Brookdale has contracted with an outside group, Workplace Answers, to offer training in regards to a creating a safe environment for all learners. You can expect to receive an e-mail in the coming weeks asking you to participate in this mandatory training. Please see below for a message from College president, Dr. Maureen Murphy, in regards to this important initiative.

Dear Students:

For nearly 50 years, Brookdale Community College has embraced the principles of diversity, inclusivity and community. From our students to our most senior administrators, we are committed to ensuring that everyone at Brookdale can work together without fear of intimidation or any form of harassment.

I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate that Brookdale does not tolerate any form of harassment. Such behavior is not only prohibited by law, it runs contrary to the very fabric of this college.

To help reinforce our long-standing commitment to a safe and secure campus community, we are offering this interactive training program to all of our incoming students. Thank you in advance for completing the program, which we hope will only strengthen the culture of collaboration and mutual respect that we have all come to expect here at Brookdale.  

Dr. Maureen Murphy

Brookdale takes all forms of harassment very seriously, and all incoming students are urged to be aware of our policies and procedures. Participating in the web-training being sent to your e-mails will be an excellent way to ensure that you are informed and aware.

This information was sent out in the summer 2014 to incoming students. We are leaving it up on the web as a reference for new students until the end of October. If you have questions please feel free to e-mail us at or stop by our office located in Warner SLC room 101.