Spring 2014 Events

Spring 2014 Events

“Nuclear Famine: The Threat to Humanity from Nuclear Weapons” with Alan Robock, Ph.D.

A nuclear war between India and Pakistan, with each country using 50 Hiroshima-sized atom bombs as airbursts on urban areas, would inject smoke from the resulting fires into the stratosphere. The impact of the nuclear war simulated here, using much less than 1% of the global nuclear arsenal, could sentence a billion people now living marginal existences to starvation.

Monday, March 24 at 7 PM in MAN 103. General admission $15; Brookdale students $5.
Event Code XWWTS291F.

“Islands of Contention: Legacies of WWII and 21st Century Territorial Disputes in East Asia” with Laura Neitzel, Ph.D.

Tiny islands in Asian seas, many of them uninhabited, have become the center of territorial disputes among China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and other nations. Tensions in the region have been rising as these claims are increasingly accompanied by mass national protests, military maneuvers, and alarmist rhetoric on all sides. Why are these issues heating up now? What is at stake? Are nations such as China, Korea, and Taiwan seeking long overdue justice after World War II? Or is the strategic value of the islands driving the competition?

Monday, April 7 at 7 PM in MAN 103. General admission $15; Brookdale students $5.
Event Code XWWTS292F.

“Guerilla Warfare, Counterinsurgency, and ‘Liberationism’: The Early Cold War in Eastern Europe, 1944-53” with George Reklaitis, Ph.D.   

Following the defeat of Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union sought to reestablish its control over the areas of Eastern Europe that it had occupied prior to the Russo-German war. These areas included Western Ukraine, Byelorussia, and the Baltic States of Lithuanian, Latvia, and Estonia. While complete victory over the Soviets was recognized as an unreachable goal, these resistance fighters fought on in the hope that either the Soviets would grow weary of waging war, or that the Western powers would return to finish the job of liberating Europe

Tuesday, April 29 at 12 Noon in MAN 108. General admission $15; Brookdale students $5.
Event Code XWWTS293F


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