The War Memoirs Project

The Center has embarked on a project to make available online war diaries, printed presentations and personal stories that have been bequeathed to the Center.

Featured Memoir:

Interview of George Yamamoto, an American Japanese WWII Veteran
By Brookdale student Kristina Rugnetta

After the Pearl Harbor Navy Fleet was attacked by Japan on December 7, 1941, Japanese Americans were stripped of their citizenship and many were forced to enter internment camps. Government officials questioned their loyalty and felt they were protecting America by isolating the Japanese Americans during WWII. Japanese Americans were born and raised in the American culture, spoke English as their first language and went to school like every American child. Many people do not know the compelling story of the Japanese Americans in the wake of WWII.

Click here to read the story of George Yamamoto, a Japanese American hero. He was interviewed at Le Magic Pan Restaurant in Hilo, HI starting at 9AM on March 18, 2013. The interview lasted 1 hour. At that time, George was 90 yrs. old.