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Name Phone Department Position
Abbasi, Fauzia Computer Science Adjunct-Computer Science
Abin, Caroline Athletics Student Worker-Athletics
Abraham, Stuart Business Management Adjunct-Management
Accurso, Joseph 732-224-2795 Music Professor-Music
Adair, Virginia Continuing & Prof Studies BCD - Instructor
Adamo, Melissa English Hourly-Learning Assistant
Adamson, Arthur-Terrence Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Adelman, Amber Office of Health Sciences Hourly-Senior Office Assistant
Adleman, Richard Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Adler, Linda Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Agha, Ana Margaret 732-224-2302 Office of Continuing & Prof St Account Specialist
Ahern, Sean Communication Media Adjunct-Communications
Ahl, Kathleen 732-224-1900 English Hourly-Learning Assistant
Ahluwalia, Anoop 732-224-1987 Office of STEM Institute Dean-STEM
Ahmad-Chaustre, Deicy 732-224-2114 Mathematics Academic Tutor-Mathematics
Akhtar, Fahad Mathematics Student Worker-Mathematics
Alaia, Emily 732-224-2249 Payroll Payroll Administrator
Alam, Kanwal College Store Student Worker - College Store
Albanese, Ruth Continuing & Prof Studies Bcd-Direct Pay
Albers, Jennifer Reading & Learning Dis Adjunct-Reading
Aldellizzi, Dina 732-842-1900 Marketing & Creative Service Adjunct-Marketing
Alequin, Theresa Fitness Hourly-Fitness Center Assistant
Alessio, Deana Psychology Adjunct-Psychology
Alexander, Judith Continuing & Prof Studies Adjunct - CTE Program
Alfieri, Ann Marie 732-224-2314 Office of HECs & K16 Confidential Administrative Assistant II
Algava, Andrew Computer Science Adjunct-Computer Science
Aliaga, Karina 732-224-2069 Mathematics Instructor-Mathematics
Allen, Darrell Communication Media Adjunct-Communications
Allongo, Mercedes Continuing & Prof Studies CPS Instructor
Almeida, Deborah 732-224-2745 Accounts Payable Manager-Accounts Payable & Special Projects
Almeida, Jon Physical Plant Utilities Hourly-Maintenance Staff
Alongi, Phyllis Psychology Adjunct-Psychology
Alston, Kellisha Auxiliary Services & Event Mgm Hourly, Associate Conference Facility Services
Alston, William Athletics Athletic Coach
Altman, Harvey Grants-Community Develop BCD - Instructor
Alvarado, Ana Languages/ESL Adjunct-Languages
Alvarez, Borja Languages/ESL Student Worker-Languages/ESL
Alvarez, Roseanne 732-224-2684 English Professor-English
Amar, Susan Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Ambrose, Frederick Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Anania, Pamela 732-224-2420 Nursing Laboratory/Studio Assistant-Nursing
Anderko, Reve 732-224-2358 Recruitment Admissions Representative
Anderson, Chad 732-224-2763 Communication Media Associate Professor-Communications
Anderson, David Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Anderson, Eric Environmental Sciences Adjunct-Enviornmental Science
Anderson, Ivan 732-224-2778 Automotive Instructor-Automotive Technology
Anderson, Richard 732-224-2475 Innovation Center Learning Space Specialist-Innovations Center
Anderson, Susanne 732-224-2517 Fine Art Laboratory/Studio Assistant-Fine Art
Andrade, Ashley Enrollment Management Student Worker-Recruitment
Andreach, Kevin Automotive Hourly-Assistant
Androski, Ellen 732-431-1246 Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Angelo, Jody 732-224-2575 Career Svcs & Leadership Dev Career Services Representative
Angona, Judith 732-224-2488 Writing Adjunct-Writing
Angrason, Kenneth 732-224-1917 Office of Information Technol Technical Support Specialist
Arabit, Sherr 732-570-6043 Nursing Adjunct-Nursing
Archambault, Karen Office of Student Success Student Services Advisor
Armstrong, Torina 732-224-2559 Counseling Assistant Professor-Counseling
Arnold, Karyn 732-224-2362 Financial Aid Associate Director-Financial Aid
Arucan, Katrina Allyn Reading & Learning Dis Student Worker-Reading & Learning Disabilities
Assis Cardoso, Gustavo Languages/ESL Adjunct-Languages/ESL
Astralaga, Ingrid Nursing Adjunct-Nursing
Atkins, Courtney Speech Communication Adjunct-Speech
Attardi, William Fashion Merchandis/Marketing Adjunct-Marketing
Auriemmo, Donna Western Monmouth Higher Ed Ctr Adjunct-Mathematics
Austin, Ernestine 732-224-2793 Small Business Development Cen Senior Office Assistant-Small Business
Austin, Peggy 732-625-7025 Brookdale At Freehold Evening Campus Administrator
Avin, Rosalie Reading & Learning Dis Adjunct-Reading
Azab, Safwat 732-224-2907 Chemistry Instructional Assistant-Chemistry
Bacany, Kristin 732-224-2373 Admissions & Registration Senior Assistant-Enrollment
Bahrs, Melissa Continuing & Prof Studies Business & Community Development
Baier, Paula Speech Communication Adjunct-Speech
Baker, Chloe Chemistry Student Worker - Chemistry
Baliatico, Danielle Health Sciences Hourly Adjunct - Respiratory Therapy
Balmaceda, Weddy Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Balme, Cynthia Music Adjunct-Music
Balme, John Music Adjunct-Music
Balzer, Charles Nursing Adjunct-Nursing
Bamji, Shernaz Social Science Adjunct - Geography
Banks, Mercedes Psychology Adjunct-Psychology
Barbella, Nicholas Criminal Justice Adjunct-Criminal Justice
Barilka, Casey Continuing & Prof Studies BCD
Barker, Jennifer 732-224-2767 Accounts Payable Specialist-Accounts Payable
Barnett, Sara 732-224-2846 Psychology Instructor-Psychology
Baron, Barbara 732-224-2211 Speech Communication Professor-Speech
Barreiro, Tina Environmental Sciences Hourly-Learning Assistant
Barrella, Barbara 732-224-2676 Reading & Learning Dis Assistant Professor-Reading
Bartholomew, Djenane 212-742-2820 Nursing Adjunct-Nursing
Bartlett, John 732-872-0900 Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Barton, Ellen Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Barton, Patrick Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Dept of Labor
Baskin Arboleda, Liza Environmental Sciences Dual Enrollment Adjunct-Environmental Science
Bassano, David 732-224-2410 History Instructor-History
Bastedo, Donna 732-625-7031 Brookdale At Freehold Student Services Generalist
Batchler, Brooke 732-224-2485 Reading & Learning Dis Assistant Professor-Reading
Battista, Tiffany Languages/ESL Adjunct-Languages
Bechtel, Edward Physics Adjunct-Physics
Becker, Andrew Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Becker, Melissa Athletics Camp Counselor-Sports Camps
Beckett, William Office of Information Technol Systems Analyst
Bedeau, Ann Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Begley, Meghan Athletics Camp Counselor-Sports Camps
Behler, Kerry 732-224-2834 Mathematics Associate Professor-Mathematics
Belby, Gail 732-224-2723 Financial Aid Financial Aid Specialist
Beldie, Adam History Adjunct-History
Beliankova, Anastasiya Languages/ESL Student Worker-Languages/ESL
Bellitto, Christopher Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Bello-Calamari, Ashley Testing Services Hourly-Testing Services Technician
Bello-Truland, Rosemarie 732-224-2794 Sociology Assistant Professor-Sociology
Belloni, Rocco 732-224-2352 Police Probationary Police Officer
Bender, Abbie Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Bender, Laurie 732-224-2059 College Relations Director-Marketing
Bennett, Nancy 732-224-2929 Reading & Learning Dis Administrator-Learning Disabilities Program
Bennett, Stephanie Writing Adjunct-Writing
Benz-Campbell, Katherine Continuing & Prof Studies BCD - Instructor
Berber, Sy Computer Science Adjunct-Computer Science
Berg, Claire 732-224-2738 Business Management Professor-Business Management
Bergin, Matthew Economics Adjunct-Economics
Berke, Thomas 732-224-2875 Chemistry Professor-Chemistry
Berkowitz, Elizabeth College Store Hourly-College Store Assistant
Berman, Cindy 732-224-2281 Career Pathways Associate-Healthcare Training
Berman, Michelle Environmental Sciences Hourly-Learning Assistant
Bernabeu, Linda 732-224-2805 Office of Information Technol Technical Trainer
Berry, Kevin 732-224-2298 Physical Plant Utilities Senior Specialist-Facilities
Bersin, Susan Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Bevacqua, Christine 732-610-6182 Continuing & Prof Studies BCD - Instructor
Beyer, George Culinary Arts Culinary Adjunct
Bhagat, Naresh Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Bianchi, Thomas Continuing & Prof Studies Houlry-BCD
Biel, Malik Business Management Adjunct-Business Management
Bielicki, Susan 732-842-1900 Accounting Adjunct-Accounting
Bielskie, Daniel Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Bilotti, Barbara Languages/ESL Hourly-Learning Assistant
Binaco, George Athletics Assistant Coach
Biran, Koby 732-224-2900 Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Birnie, Elizabeth Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Birzin, Rachel Reading & Learning Dis Adjunct-Reading
Black, Jennifer Reading & Learning Dis Hourly-Learning Assistant
Blackburn, Catherine 732-224-2528 Speech Communication Professor-Speech
Blades, Sarah Learning Disabilities Hourly-Band 5
Blaes, Erika Chemistry Student Worker - Chemistry
Blair, John Languages/ESL Adjunct-Languages
Blanchard, Valerie Speech Communication Adjunct-Speech
Blanset, Winifred English Adjunct-English
Blaser, Antonio 732-224-2518 Fine Art Professor-Art
Blaser, Patricia 732-224-2622 Interior Design Professor-Interior Design
Bloir, Susan Literature Adjunct-Literature
Bobko, Douglas Psychology Adjunct-Psychology
Bodei, William Computer Science Adjunct-Computer Science
Boege, Melissa 732-747-9660 Psychology Adjunct-Psychology
Boehmer, Christopher 732-224-2997 Office of Information Technol Technical Support Specialist
Bogdan, Pamela Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Bogert, Kerry English Adjunct-English
Bolan-Kenney, Bettejane 732-224-2686 English Professor-English
Bolognini, Faridih Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Bonagura, Marc 732-224-1985 English Associate Professor - English
Bonilla, Emily Continuing & Prof Studies Adjunct - CTE Program
Bonilla, Keith College Store Student Worker - College Store
Bonilla, Valerie 732-625-7056 Library Assistant Professor-Library
Booker, Diane 732-224-1978 Nursing Assistant Professor-Nursing
Borek, Robert 908-423-7826 Chemistry Adjunct-Chemistry
Borges, Kyle Communication Media Student Worker-Communications Media
Borkowski, Kathryn Counseling Hourly-Senior Office Assistant
Bose, Gerald Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Boston, Susan Computer Science Adjunct-Computer Science
Bottone, Nicole Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Bouchard, JoAnna College Store Student Worker - College Store
Bournique, Richard Computer Science Adjunct-Computer Science
Bova, Deirdre 732-761-0190 Continuing & Prof Studies BCD - Grant
Boyarin, Janet Library Adjunct-Library
Boyd, Joanne 732-224-2606 Respiratory Therapy Assistant Professor-Respiratory Therapy
Boyington, Barbara 732-224-2894 Business Management Professor-Business Management
Boyke, William 732-224-2433 Chemistry Assistant Professor-Chemistry
Boylan, Beth 732-747-1774 English Adjunct-English
Boylan, Mary Beth 732-224-2560 Psychology Associate Professor-Psychology
Boyle, Joseph 732-224-2540 Sociology Professor-Sociology
Boyle, Kenneth Brookdale At Neptune Adjunct
Bozza, Kayla College Store Student Worker - College Store
Bozza-Hingos, Melanie Chemistry Adjunct-Chemistry
Bradbury, Cynthia 732-224-2488 Office of Humanities Senior Office Assistant-Humanities
Bradley, Gary Automotive Hourly-Assistant
Brady, Michael English Adjunct-English
Braiuca, Nancy Radiologic Technology Hourly Adjunct
Bramley, Sean Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Branagan, Michelle 732-224-2080 Office of Finance & Operations Associate
Brandon, Ethel 732-224-2720 Library Associate-Library
Branin, Jack 732-224-2042 Office of Information Technol Network Manager
Brennan, Thomas 732-224-2473 Radio Station Manager-Radio Station
Breslin, Jean 732-224-2024 Office of Information Technol Programmer Analyst
Breyta, Glen 732-224-2153 Innovation Center Learning Space Specialist-Innovations Center
Brice, Robert Criminal Justice Adjunct-Criminal Justice
Bridgeman, Matthew Library Hourly-Adjunct Library
Briguglio, Gregory 732-224-2230 Chemistry Instructional Assistant-Chemistry
Brinson, April 732-224-2430 Office of STEM Senior Office Assistant-STEM
Broek, Michael 732-224-2623 English Associate Professor - English
Brook, David Environmental Sciences Adjunct-Enviornmental Science
Brooks, Ryan Athletics Camp Counselor-Sports Camps
Brown, Bonnie Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Brown, Deborah 732-625-7002 Brookdale At Freehold Higher Education Center Assistant
Brown, Dennis 732-830-4128 Western Monmouth Higher Ed Ctr Adjunct-English
Brown, Dennis 732-224-2296 Physical Plant Utilities Operating Engineer
Brown, Dorothy Continuing & Prof Studies BCD - Grant
Brown, Emmel Environmental Sciences Adjunct-Enviornmental Science
Brown, Eric English Adjunct-English
Brown, Lesley Business Management Adjunct-Management
Brown, Maryann Holocaust Education Center Hourly
Brown, Patricia 732-224-2447 Library Associate-Library
Brown, Richard 732-224-2468 Print Shop Manager-Print Shop
Brown, Thomas Economics Adjunct-Economics
Brunner, Grace Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Bruno, Thomas 732-224-2381 Physical Plant Utilities Maintenance Staff
Brutsman, Lauren 732-224-2392 Student Life & Activities Assistant Director-Student Life & Activities
Bryan, Nancy 732-224-1900 English Adjunct-English
Bryant, Christine English Adjunct-English
Bryant, David Athletics Assistant Coach
Bryon, Dawn Brookdale At Hazlet Hourly-Office Assistant
Bukovec, John 732-224-2605 Theater Professor-Theater
Buonano, George Criminal Justice Adjunct-Criminal Justice
Buonauro-Byrne, Michelle Reading & Learning Dis Adjunct-Reading
Burd, Richard Automotive Hourly-Assistant
Burdett, Hayley English Hourly-Learning Assistant
Burdett, Paul English Adjunct-English
Burdge, Katy Enrollment Management Student Worker-Recruitment
Burg, Frederick Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Burgess, James History Adjunct-History
Burk, Barbara 732-224-2571 Nursing Associate Professor-Nursing
Burk, Brett Planning & Inst Effectiveness Senior Analyst-Market & Survey Research
Burke, Barbara English Adjunct
Burke, Candice Reading & Learning Dis Hourly-Instructional Assistant
Burke, Richard 732-224-2724 English Professor-English
Burkhard, Mary Jo 732-224-2391 Student Life & Activities Administrative Assistant-Student Life
Burkitt, Kevin 732-224-2764 Innovation Center Learning Space Specialist-Innovations Center
Burns, Caitlin 732-224-2131 Biology Instructional Assistant-Biology
Burns, William 732-224-2426 Office of Innovation & Learn Dean-Innovation & Learning Resources
Burr, Kathleen Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Busacca, Christine 732-224-2453 College Relations Adv & Production
Busby, Matthew Mathematics Hourly-Learning Assistant
Bush, Olga Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Butler, Christopher Computer Science Adjunct-Computer Science
Butler, Megan ABE/GED Hourly-A.B.E. Specialist
Cabe, Wendy Office of Innovation & Learn Hourly Associate-Innovation Center
Cable, Jane English Dual Enrollment Adjunct-English
Caden, Brian 732-224-2299 Physical Plant Utilities Senior Specialist-Electrical
Cagliostro, Joseph Nursing Adjunct-Nursing
Cai, Jingjing Languages/ESL Student Worker-Languages/ESL
Caiafa, Greg Communication Media Adjunct-Communications
Caiola, Samantha 732-224-2586 Counseling Hourly-Academic Advisor
Calendar, Carl 732-224-2514 Office of Humanities Institute Dean-Humanities
Cali, Joseph Psychology Adjunct-Psychology
Calogero, Caroline 732-224-2896 Sociology Assistant Professor-Sociology
Campbell, Lora Board of Trustees Member-Board of Trustees
Campisi, Lucrecia Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Cannon-Harris, Sondra 732-224-2695 Human Resources & Org Safety Manager-Diversity, Inclusion & Compliance
Canonico, Kelly 732-224-2319 Career Pathways Director-CPS Education Grants
Capasso, Joe Biology Adjunct-Biology
Capenegro, Richard 732-224-2808 Office of Information Technol Network Administrator
Cappello, Patricia Counseling Hourly-Office Assistant
Capriglione, Martin 732-224-2294 Common Services-Administration Common Services Assistant
Caprio Jr, Michael Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Cardoniga, Barbara Computer Science Student Worker-Computer Science
Carideo, Joseph Office of Business & Social Sc Adjunct - Business
Carlon, David Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Carnevale, Vincent Computer Science Adjunct-Computer Science
Carney, Carole 732-224-2930 Mathematics Associate Professor-Mathematics
Carney, Cindy Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Carolan, Sean Radio Station Hourly
Carpenter, Dawn Biology Hourly-Learning Assistant
Carr, Richard 732-774-3363 Brookdale At Neptune Student Assistant
Carroll, Joan Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Carrozzelli, Jennifer 732-224-2833 Office of Information Technol Manager-Telecommunications
Carter, Stacie Reading & Learning Dis Hourly-Instructional Assistant
Caruso, Joseph 732-224-2648 Advising Academic Advisor
Casal, Sergio Common College Student Worker
Casey, Nancy Children's Learning Center Hourly-Childhood Development Assistant
Casey, Rachel Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Casserly, Kathleen Reading & Learning Dis Adjunct-Reading
Castelli, Courtney English Adjunct-English
Castillo, Regina Respiratory Therapy Hourly Adjunct - Respiratory Therapy
Catalano, Victor Chemistry Adjunct-Chemistry
Catalfamo, Timothy Athletics Hourly - Announcer
Cataneo, Lenore English Dual Enrollment Adjunct-English
Cattelona, Barbara 732-224-2276 Accounts Payable Specialist-Accounts Payable
Cauterucci, Molly English Hourly-Learning Assistant
Cavallo, Corinne English Adjunct-English
Cavanagh, Ciara College Store Student Worker - College Store
Cavrak, Theresa Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Ceglie, Anthony 732-224-2352 Police Sergeant
Celenti, Dan Computer Science Adjunct-Computer Science
Cerame, Claire Nursing Adjunct-Nursing
Chambers, Elizabeth Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Chan, Andria Languages/ESL Adjunct-Languages
Chapman, Margaret Nursing Adjunct-Nursing
Chatterjee, Ballari Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Cherbini, Christophe 732-536-0100 Criminal Justice Adjunct-Criminal Justice
Cheremisinoff, Laura 732-224-2214 Office of Continuing & Prof St Confidential Administrative Assistant II
Cheung, Anne Languages/ESL Adjunct-ESL
Chiang, Andrew 732-224-2148 Office of Information Technol Director
Chiang, Luo-Jen Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Chiarella, Edna Community Outreach Hourly, Program Administrator
Chien, Fu-Li 732-224-1900 Learning Disabilities Hourly-Learning Assistant
Chimento, Amanda English Adjunct-English
Chin, Sanna 732-224-2347 Accounts Receivable Specialist, Accounts Receivable
Chirichello, Celeste 732-224-2621 Interior Design Professor-Interior Design
Choudhry, Hannaan Athletics Camp Aide-Sports Camps
Christie, Eileen Nursing Adjunct-Nursing
Christoforo, Melissa 732-691-3843 Radiologic Technology Hourly Adjunct
Chudnick, Steven 732-224-2482 Library Director-Library
Ciaglia, Daniel Fitness Adjunct-Fitness
Ciano, Billie 732-224-2245 Office of Finance & Operations Coordinator-Grants & Special Projects
Cicchi, Edmond Criminal Justice Adjunct-Criminal Justice
Ciccone, Theresa English Adjunct-English
Cioppa, Thomas 732-224-2708 Political Science Professor-Political Science
Cisek, Paul 732-224-2731 Athletics Athletic Coach
Citarella, Gene 732-224-2296 Physical Plant Utilities Operating Engineer
Cizin, Nancy Biology Adjunct-Biology
Clark, Amy 732-224-2483 Library Assistant Professor-Library
Clark, Eunice 732-224-2510 EOF Office Senior Office Assistant-EOF
Clark, Kenneth 732-224-2296 Physical Plant Utilities Senior Specialist-Mechanical
Clark, Lynn 732-291-0289 Fitness Hourly-Fitness Center Assistant
Clark, Rebecca EOF Office Hourly-Associate Student Services
Clarke, Douglas Music Adjunct-Music
Clarke, Kathryn Fitness Hourly-Fitness Center Assistant
Clemente, Kimberly 732-245-2806 Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Clifton, Kim Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Cocchiara, Bryan Philosophy Adjunct-Philosophy
Cody, James 732-224-2681 English Professor-English
Cody, Thomas Testing Services Hourly-Testing Services Technician
Coffey, Cynthia Library Hourly-Senior Library Assistant
Coffey, Kevin Biology Instructional Assistant-Biology
Cohan, Darcy English Adjunct-English
Cohen, Arlene 732-224-1981 Office of Health Sciences Institute Administrator
Cohen, Brenda 732-286-6763 ABE/GED Hourly Coodinator-Student Support
Cohen, Bruce Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Cohen, Herbert 732-224-2588 Enrollment Management Director-Enrollment Management
Cohen, Michael 732-224-2782 Psychology Instructor-Psychology
Coil, Douglas 732-224-2025 Anthropology Professor-Anthropology
Collier, Douglas Criminal Justice Adjunct-Criminal Justice
Collier, Morris 732-625-7000 Police Security Guard-Brookdale At Freehold
Collins, Nicole 732-224-2377 Common College Work Study
Collins, Sharon Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Collins, William Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Collucci, Aileen Speech Communication Adjunct-Speech
Coma, Agim Speech Communication Adjunct-Speech Communications
Compagnucci, Barbara Languages/ESL Adjunct-Languages
Condon, Christine Nursing Adjunct-Nursing
Condon, Diane Reading & Learning Dis Adjunct-Reading
Conklin, Michael 732-224-2524 Music Laboratory/Studio Assistant-Music
Conley-Bardall, Ann Languages/ESL Adjunct-Languages
Connelly, Kara ABE/GED Hourly-Case Management Coordinator
Connelly, Kevin Office of Continuing & Prof St Hourly
Connolly, Shane Graphic Design Hourly 0ffice Clerk-Graphic Design
Conroy, Caitlin Athletics Camp Counselor-Sports Camps
Conte, Ann Marie Nursing Hourly Adjunct-Nursing
Conti, Beverly Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Conway, Kyra Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Coogan, Francis Radio Station Hourly-Senior Production Specialist
Cook, Cesarina Languages/ESL Adjunct-Languages
Cook, Richard Brookdale Television Hourly Senior Production Technician Tv
Cooper, Denise Languages/ESL Adjunct-Languages
Corpas, Catherine Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Corrigan, Jennifer Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Corson, Dawn 732-224-1946 Enrollment Management Associate-Recruitment & Advising
Cortes, Pablo Interior Design Hourly-Lab/Studio Assistant
Cosentino, Joyce 732-224-2140 Fitness Center Administrator-Fitness Center
Cosme, Kevin 732-224-2461 Marketing & Creative Service Graphic Artist/Design Coordinator
Costa, Keri Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Costleigh, Brent 732-224-1974 Psychology Assistant Professor-Psychology
Countee, Calvin Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Cox, Marie 732-224-1900 Reading & Learning Dis Adjunct-Reading
Coyle, Tammy Marketing & Creative Service Adjunct-Marketing
Cram, Henry Board of Trustees Member-Board of Trustees
Cramer, Thomas Environmental Sciences Adjunct-Enviornmental Science
Craney, Beatriz Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Cranga, Denese Psychology Adjunct-Psychology
Cretella, Ralph 732-745-2957 Criminal Justice Adjunct-Criminal Justice
Crimi, Ellen Computer Science Adjunct-Computer Science
Cristell, Margaret Radio Station Hourly-Senior Production Specialist
Critchley, Marianne Reading & Learning Dis Adjunct-Reading
Crook, Barbara EOF Office Hourly Associate-Eofo
Crosby, Laura College Store Student Worker - College Store
Crosby, Steven College Store Student Worker - College Store
Cross, Douglas Performing Arts Center Hourly-Stage Technician
Crosta, Dina 732-224-2377 Fitness Adjunct-Fitness
Crowder, Emily College Store Student Worker - College Store
Crowder, James 732-224-2873 Biology Professor-Biology
Crupi, Paul Board of Trustees Member-Board of Trustees
Cruz, Catherine 732-673-8874 Nursing Adjunct-Nursing
Cruz, Stephen Brookdale At Long Branch Adjunct-Long Branch
Cuddy, Donna 732-224-2574 Office of HECs & K16 Associate Director-Office of Hec &k-16
Cummins, Donna Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Curtis, Mary 732-224-1900 Reading & Learning Dis Hourly-Learning Assistant
Curto, Stephen 732-224-2318 Office of Student Services Director-Student Services
Cutlip, Catherine EOF Office Hourly Associate-Eofo
Czapor, Cindy 732-224-2777 Advising Academic Advisor
Czernik, Thomas Computer Science Adjunct-Computer Science
Czop, Joseph Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
D’Addario, Robert Computer Science Adjunct-Computer Science
D’Agostino, Karen 732-224-2634 English Professor-English
D’Albero, Ann Marie 732-224-2306 Children's Learning Center Hourly-Childhood Development Assistant
D’Aloia-Gandolfo, Patricia 732-245-5483 Nursing Instructor-Nursing
D’Amato, Darren English Adjunct-English
D’Amico, David Criminal Justice Adjunct-Criminal Justice
D’Amico, Louis Languages/ESL Adjunct-Languages
D’Amore, Patrick Economics Adjunct-Economics
D’Averso, Nancylynn ABE/GED Hourly-A.B.E. Specialist
D’Emilio, Irene Continuing & Prof Studies BCD - Instructor
Dagher, Jessica Enrollment Management Student Worker-Recruitment
Daidone, Erica Enrollment Management Student Worker-Recruitment
Daisak, Barbara Continuing & Prof Studies BCD
Dallas, Shannon College Store Hourly - College Store Clerk
Dalton, William Board of Trustees Member-Board of Trustees
Daly, Kris 732-224-2381 Physical Plant Utilities Maintenance Staff
Damien, Natalie Reading & Learning Dis Student Worker-Reading & Learning Disabilities
Danch, James Biology Adjunct-Biology
Dandola-Depaolo, Andrea Mathematics Adjunct
Daniels, Dale 732-224-2074 Holocaust Education Center Director-Chhange
Daniels, Jessica English Adjunct-English
Daniels, Virginia Brookdale At Freehold Hourly-ABE Specialist
Dansereau, Mary Continuing & Prof Studies BCD - Grant
Darden, Frankie Fitness Hourly-Fitness Center Assistant
Darden, Nathalie 732-224-1855 Mathematics Assistant Professor-Mathematics
Darrow, Kathleen Radiologic Technology Hourly Adjunct
DaSilva, Marissa Reading & Learning Dis Adjunct-Reading
Dates, Gary Graphic Design Hourly, Associate
Davis, Edward 732-530-2541 Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Davis, Joanne 732-224-2128 Office of Humanities Institute Administrator
Dayton, Blair 732-224-2572 Counseling Adjunct-Counseling
De Pinho, Kelly 212-484-8956 Enrollment Management Hourly-Academic Advisor
Deacon, Barbara Nursing Hourly Adjunct
DeAndino, Dorothy Continuing & Prof Studies BCD - Instructor
DeAndino, Kimberly Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
DeBlasio, Deborah 732-224-2762 Languages/ESL Associate Professor-Languages
deBrigard, Susan Education Adjunct-Education
DeButts, Linda 732-224-2779 Human Resources & Org Safety Program Manager-Professional Development
DeCosta, Eugene Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
DeDomenico, Stephen 732-224-2201 Human Resources & Org Safety Manager-HR Services
Deedmeyer, Tara 732-224-2773 Library Associate-Library
Defina, Cynthia 201-725-5742 Psychology Adjunct-Psychology
Degnan, Deborah Holocaust Education Center Coordinator
DeHoust, Linda Rath 732-469-5900 Continuing & Prof Studies BCD
Deignan, Edward Grants-Community Develop BCD - Instructor
Delcurla, Shay 732-224-2438 Library Professor-Library
DeLeonardo, Victoria 732-923-7128 Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
DelGiudice, Antoinette Western Monmouth Higher Ed Ctr Adjunct-Mathematics
DelliCarpini-Kruse, Cathy English Adjunct-English
Dellocono, Maureen 732-224-1887 Allied Health Instructor-Health Information Technology
DeLorenzo, Nancy Continuing & Prof Studies BCD - Grant
Delorenzo, Tresse Continuing & Prof Studies Hourly-Summer Camp Aide
DeLosSantos, Vivian 732-224-2226 Facilities Administration Administrative Assistant-Facilities
DeLucia, Pasqualina 732-224-2751 Small Business Development Cen Assistant Director-Small Business Development
Demaio, J Computer Science Adjunct-Computer Science
Demchak, Rita Admissions & Registration Hourly-Office Assistant
DeMichael, Denise 732-224-1880 Admissions & Registration Manager-Educational Services Systems
Denholtz, Lisa Reading & Learning Dis Adjunct-Reading
Dennis, Carolyn 732-571-7155 Brookdale At Long Branch Higher Education Center Assistant
Denny, Jane History Adjunct-History
Deo, Christopher Computer Science Adjunct-Computer Science
DePompa-Silletti, Teresa 732-224-2739 Human Resources & Org Safety Associate-Human Resources
DeRobertis, Eugene 732-224-2401 Psychology Professor-Psychology
Dery, Richard 732-224-2744 English Assistant Professor-English
Desantis, Nicole Counseling Hourly Adjunct-Counseling
DeSarno, Mary Ann 732-224-2657 English Adjunct-Writing
DeSena, John 732-280-7090 Police Security Guard-Wall
DeStefano, Michael 732-224-2256 Accounts Receivable Manager-Accounts Receivable
DeTullio, John Respiratory Therapy Adjunct-Respiratory Therapy
Devine, Barbara Continuing & Prof Studies Hourly-Senior Office Assistant
DeVirgilio, John Chemistry Adjunct-Chemistry
DeVita, Francis 732-224-2554 Learning Commons Learning Commons Assistant
DeVito, Dennis 732-842-1900 Business Management Adjunct-Management
DeVito, Jo Ann Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
DeVoe, William 732-224-1973 Testing Services Supervisor-Testing Center
Diaby, Ally College Store Student Worker - College Store
DiBianca, Justin Culinary Arts Culinary Adjunct
DiBuccio, Carol 732-224-2487 Scheduling Administrator-Scheduling & Operations
DiBuccio, Diana Office of Finance & Operations Hourly-Accounting Assistant
Dickerson, Lorraine 732-224-2784 Auxiliary Services & Event Mgm Hourly, Associate Conference Facility Services
DiGianni, Joseph ABE/GED Abe Specialist
Dill, Lekia 732-224-2251 Accounts Receivable Specialist, Accounts Receivable
Dillon, Catherine Nursing Adjunct-Nursing
Dillon, Elizabeth Chemistry Adjunct-Chemistry
Dillon, Maureen Children's Learning Center Hourly-Childhood Development Assistant
Dillon, Patricia 732-224-2871 Biology Professor-Biology
DiLorenzo, Andreea 732-842-1900 Psychology Adjunct-Psychology
DiLorenzo, Maria English Dual Enrollment Adjunct-English
DiLucca, Jeffrey Music Adjunct-Music
Dinger, Andrea 732-224-2112 Reading & Learning Dis Hourly-Learning Assistant
DiNicola, Teresa Reading & Learning Dis Adjunct-Reading
Dobbins, Dana Education Adjunct-Education
Doluweera, Samantha Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Dominici, Alexandria Athletics Camp Coordinator-Recreation
Domogala, Sophia ABE/GED Hourly-A.B.E. Specialist
Donovan, Jill 732-224-2195 Career Svcs & Leadership Dev Career Services Representative
Dorobis, Margaret College Store Hourly - College Store Clerk
Dougan, Dawn Counseling Hourly-Office Assistant
Dougherty, Jane 732-224-2338 Counseling Hourly-Academic Advisor
Dougherty, Stephen 732-224-2448 Print Shop Senior Technician-Print Shop
Douglas, Dolton 732-224-2352 Police Senior Police Officer
Downey, Lynette Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Downing, James Learning Disabilities Hourly-Learning Assistant
Doyle, Douglas 973-624-8880 Communication Media Adjunct-Communications
Doyle, Matthew College Store Hourly - College Store Clerk