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Name Phone Department Position
Ergunay, Cristina Library Hourly Adjunct
Eskola, Joanne 732-224-2841 Computer Science Professor-Computer Science
Esperon, Richard Computer Science Adjunct-Computer Science
Essilfie, Joseph 732-224-1924 Mathematics Instructor-Mathematics
Estrada, Christine Reading Hourly-Learning Assistant
Eugenio, Anthony Business Management Adjunct-Management
Evans, Dara 732-224-1970 English Assistant Professor-English
Evegan, Nicole English Adjunct-English
Evertsen, Jean Languages Adjunct-Languages
Eyerman, Lynn 732-224-2728 Career Services Career Services Representative
Fahmy, Tamer 732-224-2078 Office of Information Technol Technical Support Specialist
Falcon, Lisa 732-437-0998 Nursing Adjunct-Nursing
Falcone-Huber, Theresa English Adjunct-English
Fallin, Donna 732-224-2225 Accounting-Administration Accounts Receivable
Fallon, Lisa Reading Adjunct-Reading
Falotico, Sonia 732-224-2406 Mathematics Office Senior Office Assistant-Division of Math & Science
Faria, Margaret 732-224-2272 Registration Enrollment Specialist
Faris, Amy Art Adjunct-Art
Fegan, Nate Business & Community Dev BCD-Open Enrollment
Fehr III, George 732-842-1900 College Store College Store Assistant
Fein, Lewis Business Management Adjunct-Management
Feingold, Justin 732-224-1900 English Adjunct-English
Feiss, Stacey Reading Adjunct-Reading
Feldler, Michael 718-667-2576 Psychology Adjunct-Psychology
Fencik, Cheryl 732-224-2425 Biology Instructor-Biology
Fennessey, Eileen Business & Community Dev BCD-Open Enrollment
Fenniman, Claudine Fitness Adjunct-Fitness
Ferguson, Robert Criminal Justice Adjunct-Criminal Justice
Fernandez, Debra Business & Community Dev Associate
Fernandez, Maria 732-224-2227 Counseling Professor-Counseling
Ferro, Margaret Reading Hourly-Learning Assistant
Fertig, Sue 732-224-2989 Learning Disabilities Hourly-Learning Assistant
Feuerstein, Julie Reading Hourly-Learning Assistant
Fiasconaro, Angela 732-224-1900 Reading Hourly-Learning Assistant
Fiasconaro, James Business & Community Dev BCD - Grant
Fielding, Julia Languages Adjunct-Languages
Filoso, Vincent Computer Science Adjunct-Computer Science
Finkelstein, Howard 732-224-2504 Counseling Professor-Counseling
Finnegan, Cathy Lee English Adjunct-English
Finnegan, Claire Languages Adjunct-Languages
Finnegan, Stephen 732-739-6012 Safety & Security Security Guard - Northern Monmouth
Fiore, Robert 732-224-2862 Mathematics Assistant Professor-Mathematics
Fiorillo, Mary 732-224-2443 Library Learning Assistant-Library
Fischer-Jones, Margaret 732-229-8440 Adult Basic Education A.B.E. Specialist
Fish, Cecilia Learning Disabilities Hourly-Learning Assistant
Fisler, Diane Reading Hourly-Learning Assistant
Fitton, Lisa 732-224-1900 Western Monmouth Higher Ed Ctr Adjunct-English
Fitzpatrick, Allison 732-739-6015 Communiversity/HEC Director-Wall Higher Education Center
Fitzpatrick, Amanda Communiversity/HEC Poseidon Faculty
Fitzsimmons, Stephanie 732-224-2369 Financial Aid Director-Financial Aid
Flaherty, David Board of Trustees Member-Board of Trustees
Fleming, Kim Communication Media Adjunct-Communications
Flinn, Donna 732-224-2582 English Associate Professor - English
Flood, Anna 732-224-2173 International Center Administrative Assistant-International Center
Flood, Nancy Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Florio, Kristin 732-224-2470 Brookdale Network Manager-Brookdale Network
Florio, Patricia English Adjunct-English
Folio, Catherine Environmental Sciences Adjunct-Enviornmental Science
Forbes, Joanne Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Forman, Christine 732-224-2106 Veteran's Center Associate-Veteran's Center
Forman, Theresa Business & Community Dev BCD-Open Enrollment
Foulks, Kenneth Safety & Security Hourly-Security Guard
Fowler, Michael 732-224-2921 Marketing Professor-Marketing
Fowler, Patricia Business & Community Dev BCD-Open Enrollment
Fox, Anthony Radio Station Hourly-Senior Production Specialist
Fox, Carey 732-224-2874 Biology Professor-Biology
Fox, Holly 917-991-2532 English Adjunct-English
Fox, Stanley Biology Adjunct-Biology
Francese, Carl 732-224-2912 History Professor-History
Francis, Jovita Nursing Adjunct-Nursing
Francis, Robert 732-224-2223 President's Office Director-Internal Audit
Francis, Ruby Marketing Dual Enrollment-Adjunct Marketing
Frank, Marlena 732-224-2364 Counseling Assistant Professor-Counseling
Franzo, Kimberly Nursing Adjunct-Nursing
Fraser, Heather Radiologic Technology Hourly Adjunct
Freedman, Martin 732-224-2965 Speech Adjunct-Speech
Freeman, Clare 732-224-2973 Disability Services Learning Assistant-Disability
Freeman, Renee 732-222-6500 Business & Community Dev BCD - Grant
Freeman, Thomas Architecture Hourly-Learning Assistant
Friedman, Adrienne Learning Disabilities Hourly-Learning Assistant
Friedman, Gerald History Adjunct-History
Friesheim, Ira Computer Science Adjunct-Computer Science
Fromage, Doreen Reading Hourly-Learning Assistant
Frugard, Patricia 732-224-2513 English & Reading Office Office Assistant-English & Reading
Fuentes, Guillermo Computer Science Adjunct-Computer Science
Fulton, Richard 732-224-2264 EVP-Educational Services Interim Executive Vice President-Educational Services
Furlong, Kathryn 732-224-2366 Financial Aid Financial Aid Specialist
Gaber-Casey, Peggy Business & Community Dev Hourly-Senior Office Assistant
Gabert, Claire Interior Design Adjunct-Interior Design
Gadiraju, Manohar Computer Science Adjunct-Computer Science
Gaffney, Deirdre Reading Hourly-Learning Assistant
Galante, Edward 732-224-2377 Athletics Assistant Coach
Gallo, Patricia 732-224-2220 Business & Tech Office Academic Division Dean-Business & Technology
Galvin, James Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Gambino, Thomas Education Adjunct-Education
Gandy, Teresa Business & Community Dev Coordinator-Club Brookdale
Gant, Robert 732-224-2119 Biology Learning Assistant-Closed Lab Biology
Gao, Daijuan 732-224-2699 Counseling Assistant Professor-Counseling
Gardner, Maribeth Photography Hourly-Media Technician
Garrigal, Elizabeth Communication Media Adjunct-Communications
Gazdag, William Speech Adjunct-Speech
Gazia, Nicole Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Gearty, Molly Business & Community Dev BCD-Open Enrollment
Geiselman, Peter 732-224-2856 Computer Science Instructor-Computer Science
Gelfman, Arnold 732-224-2208 Planning Assessment & Research Executive Director-Planning, Assessment & Research
Generelli, Jill Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Georgas, Christina Business & Community Dev Hourly
George, Patricia Learning Disabilities Hourly-Learning Assistant
George, Patricia Languages Adjunct-ESL
George, Susan Adult Basic Education Hourly-A.B.E. Specialist
German, Vanessa Allied Health Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Ghezzi, Ann Testing Services Hourly-Testing Services Technician
Ghezzi, Mark 732-224-2474 Educational Technology Service Supervisor-Ets
Ghosh, Dharmishta Computer Science Adjunct-Computer Science
Giachetti, Mathew Fitness Adjunct-Fitness
Giampiccolo, Joseph Adult Basic Education Hourly-ABE Specialist
Gibney, Elizabeth Reading Adjunct-Reading
Gibson, Caterina Environmental Sciences Adjunct-Enviornmental Science
Gibson, Scott 732-224-2285 Computer Science Learning Assistant-Computer Science
Giegerich, Donna Lynn Grants-Community Develop BCD - Instructor
Gilson, Anne Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Gingold, Amy 732-224-2546 Psychology Learning Assistant-Psychology
Giordano, Anthony Social Science Adjunct-Sociology
Gioulis, Andrew Graphic Design Adjunct-Graphic Design
Girard, Geri 732-224-1945 English Assistant Professor-English
Gittleson, Kyle College Store Hourly-Common Services Clerk
Glaser, Alison Philosophy Adjunct-Philosophy
Glassford, Samantha English Adjunct-English
Glazewski, Eleanor 732-224-2273 Registration Associate Registrar
Glazewski, Jane 732-224-2456 Office of Information Technol PBX Operator
Glazewski, Joseph 732-224-2828 Office of Information Technol Manager-User Services
Glick, Dennis 732-224-2790 Office of Information Technol Technical Support Specialist
Glickman, Barry Speech Adjunct-Speech
Glynn, Diana 732-224-2423 Psychology Assistant Professor-Psychology
Goldberg, Marlene Accounting Adjunct-Accounting
Goldstein, Harvey 609-984-0076 Criminal Justice Adjunct-Criminal Justice
Goldstein, Stuart Photography Hourly-Band 2
Goll, Eric 732-224-2404 Chemistry Associate Professor-Chemistry
Gomory, Elizabeth 732-224-6003 Chemistry Adjunct-Chemistry
Gonos, Barbara 732-224-2541 Criminal Justice Professor-Criminal Justice
Goode, Cathleen 732-224-2586 Counseling Professor-Counseling
Gordon, Rhoda Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Gough, Beth Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Goulet, Juliette 732-224-2250 Environmental Sciences Environmental Science
Gozick, Christopher Computer Labs Adjunct-Computer Labs
Gralla, Morgan Testing Services Hourly-Testing Services Technician
Gralla, Samantha Testing Services Hourly-Testing Services Technician
Gramer, Brandon 732-224-1901 English Assistant Professor-English
Grammer, Garland Physics Adjunct-Physics
Grande, Sandra 732-224-2324 Registration Enrollment Specialist
Granger, Tamsen Art Adjunct-Art
Grant, Michael 732-741-2480 Business Management Adjunct-Management
Grassia, Michelle Computer Science Adjunct-Computer Science
Gravina, Erica Nursing Adjunct-Nursing
Gray, Denise Communication Media Adjunct-Communications
Greco-Covington, Christine 732-224-1815 Psychology Assistant Professor-Psychology
Greet, Robert History Adjunct-History
Gregg, Jeffrey Automotive Adjunct-Auto
Grennan III, Thomas 732-224-2299 Physical Plant Utilities Operating Engineer
Grennan, Elizabeth 732-229-8675 Adult Basic Education Hourly-A.B.E. Specialist
Griffin, Adeline 732-224-2402 Science/Health Science Office Office Assistant-Science & Health Sciences
Gross, Beverlee 732-224-2374 Registration Enrollment Specialist
Grubb, Jennifer Psychology Adjunct-Psychology
Gruskos, Cynthia 732-224-2204 President's Office Confidential Assistant to the President and BOT
Guerra, Ruben 732-224-2299 Physical Plant Utilities Senior Specialist-Facilities
Guerrieri, Justin Common College Student Worker
Guica, Jessica English Adjunct-English
Guidry, Liam Business & Community Dev BCD-Open Enrollment
Gurman, Toby Reading Hourly-Learning Assistant
Gurrera, Mary Ann 732-739-6010 Brookdale At Hazlet Higher Education Center Assistant
Guzzo, Carl Board of Trustees Member-Board of Trustees
Haddad, Anthony Business & Community Dev BCD - Instructor
Hader, Aurelia Nursing Adjunct-Nursing
Hahn, William Culinary Arts Culinary Adjunct
Hahne, Edward Automotive Adjunct-Auto
Hailey, Lisa 732-224-2278 Engineering & Technology Associate Professor-Engineering & Technology
Hajkowski, Michael Computer Science Adjunct-Computer Science
Halat, Michele 732-224-2617 Nursing Instructor-Nursing
Hale, Mariah Marketing Adjunct-Marketing
Halliday, William Criminal Justice Adjunct-Criminal Justice
Halliwell, George Counseling Hourly-Academic Advisor
Haloukas, Daniel Business Management Adjunct-Management
Halpern, Lisa Art Adjunct-Art
Halpin, Michael 732-224-2071 Safety & Security Lieutenant
Ham, Elisa 732-224-1900 English Hourly-Learning Assistant
Hammond, Kathleen 732-224-2934 English Learning Assistant-English
Handerhan, David Computer Science Adjunct-Computer Science
Hankins, Paul Business & Community Dev Program Director-CTE
Hann, William Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Hanna, Adel Chemistry Adjunct-Chemistry
Hannon, Jane Business & Community Dev BCD-Open Enrollment
Hanson, Elizabeth Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Hargrave, Michael 732-224-2356 Safety & Security Dispatcher
Harkenreader, Agnes Fitness Hourly-Fitness Center Assistant
Harms, Susan Communiversity/HEC Poseidon Faculty
Harrigan, Gail 732-224-2531 Nursing Professor-Nursing
Harris, Sharlene 732-786-5570 Psychology Adjunct-Psychology
Hartung, William Criminal Justice Adjunct-Criminal Justice
Hartzell, Lawrence 732-224-2985 History Professor-History
Hary, Robert Business & Community Dev BCD-Open Enrollment
Hassan, Basem 732-224-2601 Graphic Design Instructor-Graphic Design
Hassler, Linda Business & Community Dev BCD-Summer Camp
Hatchadorian, Jenny Communication Media Adjunct-Communications
Havrick, Tarin 732-625-7017 Brookdale At Freehold Associate Student Development
Hawthorne, Charles 732-224-2731 Athletics Athletic Coach
Healy, Teresa 732-224-2864 Mathematics Office Academic Div Dean - Mathematics
Heffernan-Louka, Debra Graphic Design Adjunct-Graphic Design
Hegarty, Michael Speech Adjunct-Speech
Heggs, Laura Sociology Adjunct-Sociology
Hegner, Maryleigh 732-224-1900 Reading Hourly-Learning Assistant
Heimann, William Keith 732-224-2603 Music Assistant Professor-Music
Heinmets, Helen 732-224-2641 Nursing Assistant Professor-Nursing
Hellrigel, Mary Ann Sociology Adjunct-Sociology
Hemhauser, Ellen 732-224-2270 Student Development Services Associate-Student Development Services
Henn, Patricia 732-224-2265 EVP-Educational Services Confidential Assistant to the EVP
Henry, Thomas History Adjunct-History
Herman, Theresa 732-578-0446 Psychology Adjunct-Psychology
Hernandez, Isabel Reading Hourly-Learning Assistant
Hernandez, Jose 732-224-2382 College Store College Store Assistant
Heron, Jessica Languages Adjunct-Languages
Herrmann, Gina Speech Adjunct-Speech
Hertrich, Fred Political Science Adjunct-Political Science
Heumiller, Keith 732-224-2801 College Relations College Relations Coordinator
Heuser, Charles 732-224-2926 Accounting Associate Professor-Accounting
Heuser, Kimberly 732-224-2268 Registration Registrar
Heyl, Matthew Environmental Sciences Hourly-Learning Assistant
Hiamang, Stephen 732-224-2310 Mathematics Instructor-Mathematics
Hickey, Edward Computer Science Adjunct-Computer Science
Higgins, Flora 732-224-0000 Library Hourly Adjunct
Higgins, Glenn Engineering Adjunct-Engineering
Higgins, Laura 732-388-5911 Sociology Adjunct-Sociology
Hilbert, Colten 732-224-2352 Safety & Security Senior Police Officer
Hill, Tracy Brookdale At Freehold Adjunct-Fitness
Hinds, Stanley 732-224-2991 Office of Information Technol Network Administrator
Hinton, Melvin Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Ho, Mary Biology Adjunct-Biology
Hodgetts, Lynn 732-224-2275 Registration Enrollment Specialist
Hoffman, Jeffrey 732-224-2377 Athletics Assistant Coach
Hoffman, Linda 732-224-2117 Nursing Professor-Nursing
Hogan, Anne-Marie Photography Adjunct-Photography
Hogan, Judith Learning Disabilities Hourly-Learning Assistant
Hohmann, Ann Marie Business & Community Dev BCD - Instructor
Holl, Kevin Computer Science Adjunct-Computer Science
Holliday, Eve 732-739-6018 Displaced Homemaker Programs Program Assistant-Displaced Homemakers Services
Holmes, Eugene 732-224-2381 Physical Plant Utilities Maintenance Staff
Honig, Alice 732-866-9363 Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Hopkins, Samantha Children's Learning Center Hourly-Childhood Development Assistant
Horgan, Eleanor 732-224-2689 Counseling Associate Professor-Counseling
Horgan, Louise 732-224-2207 President's Office Executive Assistant to the President
Howard, Catherine 732-224-2935 Library Library Assistant
Howard, Jean Brookdale At Hazlet Adjunct-Mathematics
Hoylie, Irene Psychology Adjunct-Psychology
Huang, Hanli 732-224-1906 Mathematics Assistant Professor-Mathematics
Hudnett, Christy 732-687-7658 Psychology Adjunct-Psychology
Huerta-Torres, Vivian Nursing Adjunct-Nursing
Hughes, Annmarie 732-224-2920 Marketing Instructor-Marketing
Hughes, Joseph 732-224-2630 Office of Information Technol Help Desk Specialist
Hughes, Thomas 732-224-1947 Counseling Associate-Counseling
Hulit, Kurt 732-224-1899 Educational Technology Service Media Technology Specialist
Humbert, Robert Automotive Hourly-Learning Assistant
Hunter, Carol 732-224-2608 Speech Professor-Speech
Hurley, Annette Reading Adjunct-Reading
Hurley, Yoshiko Languages Adjunct-Languages
Hurt, Shonda Children's Learning Center Hourly-Childhood Development Assistant
Hye, Paul Automotive Adjunct-Auto
Iachetta, Daniel Engineering & Technology Adjunct-Engineering & Technology
Iacouzzi, Craig 732-224-2352 Safety & Security Senior Police Officer
Iannucci, Lisa Library Hourly-Learning Assistant
Idavoy, Alex 732-224-2008 Languages Associate Professor-Languages
Illanovsky, Jerry Computer Science Adjunct-Computer Science
Illiano, Gabrielle Reading Adjunct-Reading
Imburgio, Diane Biology Adjunct-Biology
Infante-Neill, Erica Psychology Adjunct-Psychology
Ivaliotis, Christa 732-614-3926 Writing Adjunct-Writing
Jackman, Neil Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Jackson, Dinneen 732-224-2756 Grants Development Coordinator-Grants
Jackson-Walker, Nicole 732-224-1816 Psychology Assistant Professor-Psychology
Jacob, Harvey Business & Community Dev BCD-Open Enrollment
Jain, Anita Sociology Adjunct-Sociology
Jakub, Louis Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Jalowski, Nancy Business & Community Dev BCD-Open Enrollment
James, Marla 609-419-0300 English Adjunct-English
Jampathom, Tanaporn 732-224-2941 English Hourly-Learning Assistant
Jaspan, Ellen Psychology Adjunct-Psychology
Jefferies, Krista Writing Adjunct-Writing
Jenkins, Nicole Psychology Adjunct
Jensen, Letitia 732-224-2505 Counseling Hourly-Academic Advisor
Jesberger, Angela Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Jesmajian, Richard Computer Science Adjunct-Computer Science
Jester, Jackie Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Jetzt, John Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Jeune, Christopher 732-224-2096 Student Life & Activities Administrator Student/Judicial Affairs
Joasil, Lorna Psychology Adjunct-Psychology
Johanson, Erik 732-224-2519 Art Learning Assistant-Art
Johanson, Sandra 732-224-2565 Photography Learning Assistant-Photography
Johnson, AnnMarie 732-224-1843 Registration Senior Assistant-Enrollment
Johnson, Edward 732-571-7158 Brookdale At Long Branch Director-Higher Education Center
Johnson, Helen Anne 732-224-2552 Economics Learning Assistant-Economics
Johnson, John 732-224-2542 Athletics Camp Coordinator
Johnson, Lynn 732-224-1982 Science/Health Science Office Senior Office Assistant-Science & Health Sciences
Johnson, Tyler History Adjunct-History
Joiner, Jennifer Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Jones, Barbara 732-224-2837 Anthropology Associate Professor-Anthropology
Jones, Erika 732-224-2377 Athletics Assistant Coach
Jones, Floresta 732-224-2687 English Professor-English
Jones, Stephen Brookdale At Freehold Adjunct-Criminal Justice
Jordan, Jennifer 732-224-2172 Registration Manager-Student Records Systems
Joyce, Mary Brookdale At Hazlet Adjunct-Reading
Judice, Maria 732-224-2165 Biology Learning Assistant-Closed Lab Biology
Kahn, Karen Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Kamara, Abdul Rahman 732-224-2157 Mathematics Instructor-Mathematics
Kamaris, Constantine History Adjunct-History
Kaminski, Jennifer 732-224-2028 English Assistant Professor-English
Kamp, Rolf Computer Science Adjunct-Computer Science
Kampf, Robin Communication Media Adjunct-Communications
Kanda, Lisa 732-224-2285 Grants-Community Develop BCD - Instructor
Kane, Noreen 732-224-2049 Business & Community Dev Coordinator, Lifelong Learning
Kannheiser, Heather Nursing Adjunct-Nursing
Kantor, Ellen 732-224-2421 Respiratory Therapy Hourly Adjunct - Respiratory Therapy
Kanu, Isaac 732-224-2916 Anthropology Associate Professor-Anthropology
Kanwal, Sarbmeet Physics Adjunct-Physics
Kaplunovich, Isabella Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Kapsak, Thomas 732-224-2539 Criminal Justice Assistant Professor-Criminal Justice
Kapuscinski, Joseph Grants-Community Develop BCD - Instructor
Karcher, Charles Board of Trustees Member-Board of Trustees
Karlbon Lunde, Lynn 732-224-2606 Respiratory Therapy Hourly Adjunct - Respiratory Therapy
Karlstein, David Automotive Adjunct-Auto
Karol, Roxanne Computer Science Adjunct-Computer Science
Karpinski, Richard 732-224-2377 Athletics Athletic Coach
Karwan, Kelly Allied Health Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Kately, Kevin Art Adjunct-Art
Katz, Elizabeth Languages Adjunct-Languages
Katz, Ruth Business & Community Dev BCD-Open Enrollment
Kaufman, Synde 732-224-2656 Languages ESL Administrator
Kaur, Manjeet Psychology Adjunct-Psychology
Kavanagh, Linda Respiratory Therapy Hourly Adjunct - Respiratory Therapy
Kaye, Peter Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Kealy, Stephanie Environmental Sciences Hourly-Learning Assistant
Keane, Jeffrey 732-224-2081 Radiologic Technology Hourly Adjunct
Kearns, Patricia 732-224-2240 Material Services-Administrat Senior Assistant-Purchasing
Keaveny, Helen Reading Adjunct-Reading
Kebeck, Denise Business & Community Dev BCD - Grant
Keenan, Frank Writing Adjunct-Writing
Kegelman, Nancy 732-224-2221 Dean of Academic Affairs Dean-Academic Affairs
Kelley, Concetta Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Kelly, Elizabeth 732-739-6013 Brookdale At Hazlet Student Services Generalist
Kelly, Laura 732-224-2153 Nursing Adjunct-Nursing
Kenmuir, Geoffrey English Adjunct-English
Kennedy, Erin English Hourly-Learning Assistant
Kennedy, Kathleen 732-224-2197 English Associate Professor - English
Kent, James Brookdale At Neptune Adjunct
Kent, Margaret Western Monmouth Higher Ed Ctr Adjunct - Health Sciences
Keogh, Barbara 732-294-0045 Business & Community Dev BCD-Open Enrollment
Kepka, Marta Art Dual Enrollment Adjunct Art
Kern, Stuart Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Kerr, Virginia Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Kerr-Mc Curry, Norah 732-224-2628 Teaching & Learning Center Director-Teaching & Learning Center
Kerwin, Mary 732-224-2697 English Learning Assistant-English
Kessler, Evette Common College Student Worker
Keyes, Laura Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Khambalov, Renat Common College Student Worker
Kierce, Carleen 732-224-2562 Fitness Learning Assistant-Fitness
Kijowski, Drake 732-446-9063 Western Monmouth Higher Ed Ctr Adjunct-Mathematics
Kikolski, Mary 732-224-2450 Business & Tech Office Office Assistant-Business & Technology
Killian, Nichol Sociology Adjunct-Sociology
Kim, Thomas 732-224-2419 Office of Information Technol Senior Programmer Analyst
Kimble, Sally 732-224-2132 Biology Learning Assistant-Closed Lab Biology
Kimler, Robert 732-224-2355 Safety & Security Police Captain
King, Catherine 732-224-2243 Accounting-Administration Administrator-Accounts Payable
King, Charles Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
King, Joseph 732-224-2141 English Professor-English
King, Lindsay 732-224-1900 English Hourly-Learning Assistant
Kirkwood, Laura 732-224-2610 Reading Learning Assistant-Closed Lab-Reading
Kleen, John Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Klieger, Cara Writing Adjunct-Writing
Kloby, John 732-224-2625 Educational Technology Service Senior Specialist-Production
Kneute, Michelle 732-224-2235 Human Resources and Diversity Benefits Coordinator
Knight, John 732-278-8370 History Adjunct-History
Kochman, Rosemary 732-224-2350 Safety & Security Confidential Secretary
Kohan, Timothy 732-774-3363 Safety & Security Security Guard-Eastern Monmouth
Konn, Terry 732-224-2696 Radiologic Technology Professor-Radiologic Technology
Kopack, Brian 732-389-0697 Psychology Adjunct-Psychology
Kopacz, Blanca 732-224-2360 Financial Aid Financial Aid Specialist
Kopp, Diane 732-224-2294 Common Services-Administration Common Services Assistant
Korman, Michelle 732-224-1958 English Hourly-Learning Assistant
Kornienko, Sergey 732-224-2166 Brookdale Television Senior Specialist-Production
Koss, Laura English Hourly
Kosulavage, Betty 732-224-2791 Business & Tech Office Office Assistant-Business & Technology
Kotsis, Joanna 732-224-2668 Reading Adjunct-Reading
Kovac, Diane Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Krais, Peter History Adjunct-History
Krefetz-Levine, Marcia 732-224-2682 English Professor-English
Krenz, Maryanne 732-224-2653 Nursing Associate Professor-Nursing
Krick-Frank, Amy Photography Adjunct-Photography
Kropinack, Edward Fitness Adjunct-Fitness
Krug, Jenna Environmental Sciences Hourly-Learning Assistant
Kudrel, Margaret 732-224-2399 Office of Information Technol PBX Operator
Kugit, Jacqueline 732-224-2236 Human Resources and Diversity Employment Manager
Kuhn, Kevin Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Kulzy, Michael Library Hourly Adjunct
Kundu, Gitanjali 732-224-2407 Biology Instructor-Biology
Kurtz, Ruth Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Kwon, Heeja Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
LaBarbera, Beth 732-224-2254 Accounting-Administration Accounts Receivable
LaBella, Cynthia Business & Community Dev Hourly-BCD
Lada, Janette Reading Adjunct-Reading
LaFerlita, Caryn Fitness Fitness-Dance/Yoga Instructor
LaFontaine, Edward Automotive Hourly-Learning Assistant
LaGaipa, Anthony 732-224-2462 College Relations Graphic Artist/Design Coordinator
Lambert, Anne 732-224-2282 Comm Relations Hourly
Lambert, Mary 732-224-2421 Respiratory Therapy Learning Assistant - Respiratory Therapy
Lamenyo, Kossiwa Respiratory Therapy Hourly Adjunct - Respiratory Therapy
Lancaster, Thomas Communication Media Adjunct-Communications
Landolfi, Mary Languages Adjunct-Languages
Lane, Lisa Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Lane, Virve English Adjunct-English
Langeveld, Charlotte Sociology Adjunct-Sociology
Langford, Lauren 732-224-2505 Counseling Hourly Adjunct
Langley, Ernest Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Langton, Elizabeth Environmental Sciences Adjunct-Enviornmental Science
Lansky, Jerry Fitness Hourly-Fitness Center Assistant
Laperdon-Addison, Doreen 732-224-2526 Music Adjunct-Music
LaPeruta, Alfonsina Children's Learning Center Hourly-Band 1
LaPorta, Anne 732-224-2691 Business & Community Dev Job Developer
LaPorta, Melissa Radiologic Technology Hourly Adjunct
LaScala, Richard Interior Design Hourly-Learning Assistant
Lasky, Charles Business & Community Dev BCD-Open Enrollment
Laster, Jennifer English Adjunct-English
Latorraca, Dominic 732-224-2301 Business & Community Dev Director-Workforce Training
Latte, Ave 732-224-2543 Education Associate Professor-Education
Laube, Danielle Biology Adjunct-Biology
Lauter, Jessica Reading Adjunct-Reading
Lawaich, James 732-224-2838 Computer Science Professor-Computer Science
Lawrence, Elizabeth 732-747-1456 Fitness Adjunct-Fitness
Lawrence, Maureen 732-224-2219 Accounting-Administration Vice President-Finance & Operations
Lawson, Terri Accounting Adjunct-Accounting
Layton, JoAnn Environmental Sciences Adjunct-Enviornmental Science
Leahy, Eugene Economics Adjunct-Economics
Leahy, Sarah 732-224-1927 Economics Assistant Professor-Economics
Leavy, Thomas Culinary Arts Culinary Adjunct
Lee, I-Jen Brookdale At Hazlet Adjunct-Mathematics
Lee, Shu Computer Science Adjunct-Computer Science
Lee, Tyler Arts & Communications Office Hourly - Office Clerk
Legere, Tina Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Lehmann, Elizabeth 732-774-3782 Culinary Arts Learning Assistant-Culinary Arts
Lemis, Marc Mathematics Hourly-Learning Assistant
Lenaghan, Nancy 732-224-2693 Nursing Professor-Nursing
Lengyel, Eileen 732-224-2534 Soc Sciences/Education Office Office Assistant-Social Science & Education
Leone, Valerie Environmental Sciences Adjunct-Enviornmental Science
Lepre, Jeannette 732-224-2238 Material Services-Administrat Senior Assistant-Purchasing
Lepre, Susan 732-224-2049 Business & Community Dev BCD-Open Enrollment
Letizia, Georae Psychology Adjunct-Psychology
Leung, Ellen 732-224-2703 Accounting Learning Assistant-Accounting
Levine, Eileen Reading Hourly-Learning Assistant
LeVine, Jess 732-224-2975 History Professor-History
Levine, Ronald Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Levy, Jennifer English Adjunct-English
Lewinski, David Mathematics Hourly-Learning Assistant
Leyes, Daniel 732-224-2530 Speech Professor-Speech
Liano, Gregory 732-224-2093 Mathematics Professor-Mathematics
Lichtman, Pamela Allied Health Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Liguori, David Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Lin, Connie 732-224-2294 Common Services-Administration Common Services Assistant
Lin, Yau Wen Languages Adjunct-Languages
Lindauer, Erich 732-224-2451 Automotive Learning Assistant-Automotive Technology
Lindmark, Christine Nursing Hourly Adjunct
Lineberry, Colleen 732-224-2671 English Associate Professor - English
Lineberry, Frank Education Adjunct-Education
Lipke, Judith 732-224-2465 Reading Professor-Reading
Lisa, Daniel 732-224-2661 Educational Technology Service Media Technology Specialist
Lischin, Stevi Psychology Adjunct-Psychology
Lisi, Robert Nursing Adjunct-Nursing
Liu, Xiaoxiang 732-224-2884 Physics Professor-Physics
Lo, Rita 732-224-2440 Library Manager-Information Commons & Library Systems
Lodato, Julius Jr Business & Community Dev BCD-Open Enrollment
Loder, Michael 732-224-2386 Print Shop Senior Technician-Print Shop
Loehrke, John Music Adjunct-Music
Lofthouse, Barbara 732-224-6357 Reading Adjunct-Reading
Lofthouse, Stephen Environmental Sciences Adjunct-Enviornmental Science
Londres, Alla Legal Studies Adjunct-Paralegal Studies
Long, Dina 732-224-1882 English Assistant Professor-English
Longhitano, Adrienne Culinary Arts Adjunct - Culinary Arts
Longo, Denis Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Longo, Gabriel 732-224-2505 Counseling Professor-Counseling
Longo, Laura 732-224-2259 Planning Assessment & Research Director-Institutional Research & Evaluation
Longo, Robert Architecture Adjunct-Architecture
Loori, Helen 732-224-2210 Accounting-Administration Assistant to Vice President-Business & Finance
Lopate, Mitchell English Adjunct-English
Loperena, Mercedes Languages Adjunct-Languages
Lopez, Daniel 732-625-7057 Mathematics Associate Professor-Mathematics
Lowe, Christine English Adjunct-English
Lowsky, Michael Testing Services Hourly-Testing Services Technician
Loysen, Leslie Business & Community Dev Business & Community Development
Lucero, Jennifer 732-224-2527 Performing Arts Center Stage Technician
Lucier-Woodruff, Marie 732-224-2719 Business & Community Dev Dean-Business & Community Development
Luck, Alyssa Writing Adjunct-Writing
Lucyk, Peter 732-224-2961 Automotive Learning Assistant-Automotive Technology
Lugo, Melissa Business & Community Dev Hourly
Luick, Marilee 732-224-2672 Nursing Professor-Nursing
Luithle, Harold 732-224-2909 Chemistry Lab Technician-Chemistry