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Name Phone Department Position
Wang, Linda 732-224-2861 Mathematics Professor-Mathematics
Ward, Daniel Chemistry Adjunct-Chemistry
Ward, Peter Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Wasserman, Gerald Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Watson, Janet Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Watson, Joann 732-842-1900 Eastern Monmouth Higher Ed Ctr Adjunct - Health Sciences
Watson, Lauren 732-224-2146 College Relations Video Production Specialist
Watters, Caroline History Dual Enrollment Adjunct-History
Weber, Diane Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Weber, Jean Sociology Adjunct-Sociology
Weber, Michael 732-224-2294 Common Services-Administration Common Services Clerk
Wedinger, Jill Nursing Adjunct-Nursing
Weeks, Deborah 732-224-2851 Mathematics Instructor-Mathematics
Weeks, Townsend 732-224-2408 Environmental Sciences Associate Professor-Environmental Science
Wein, Michele 732-224-2609 English Instructor-English
Weinstein, Robin Reading & Learning Dis Hourly-Learning Assistant
Weir, Robert Engineering & Technology Hourly Adjunct - Engineering
Weir, Stephen Chemistry Student Worker - Chemistry
Weiss, Janine Learning Disabilities Hourly-Learning Assistant
Weiss, Lawrence Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Welch, Elizabeth Communication Media Adjunct-Communications
WelchPeters, Annemarie Nursing Adjunct-Nursing
Welcome, Trent Interior Design Adjunct-Interior Design
Wells, Candace Communiversity/HEC Poseidon Faculty
Welsh, Douglas 732-224-2454 Automotive Professor-Automotive Technology
Wesley, Nambrath 732-224-2170 Psychology Associate Professor-Psychology
West, Moira English Hourly-Learning Assistant
West, Sherri History Adjunct-History
Wexler, Steven 732-991-0172 Sociology Adjunct-Sociology
Wey, Arminda 732-224-2169 Mathematics Professor-Mathematics
Whalen, Walter Computer Science Adjunct-Computer Science
Wheeler-Driscoll, Nancy Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Whelan, Joseph Languages/ESL Adjunct-Languages/ESL
White, Shaun 732-224-2352 Police Sergeant
Whitten, Risheem 732-224-2352 Police Sergeant
Wiegers, Katherine 732-224-1817 Office of Health Sciences Senior Office Assistant-Health Sciences
Wiest, Amanda Chemistry Hourly-Learning Assistant
Wiggett, Kelly ABE/GED A.B.E. Specialist
Willbergh, Matthew Library Hourly-Adjunct Library
Williams, Donna 732-224-2233 Office of HECs & K16 Higher Education Assistant
Williams, Jessica 732-224-2377 Common College Work Study
Williams, Leonard Business Management Adjunct-Business Management
Williams, Marissa Performing Arts Center Student Worker-Performing Arts Center
Williams, Shanna 732-739-6014 Brookdale At Hazlet Student Assistant
Williams-Bland, Shahida Common Services-Administration Hourly-Common Services Clerk
Wilsey, Kathy Biology Hourly-Learning Assistant
Wilson, Fidel 732-224-2558 Counseling Assistant Professor-Counseling
Wilson, Wallace 732-774-3363 Mathematics Adjunct-Mathematics
Wilt, Jaclyn 732-224-2669 Reading & Learning Dis Instructor-Reading
Wiltsee, Carl 732-224-2367 Recruitment Admissions Representative
Winans, William 646-379-1152 Criminal Justice Adjunct-Criminal Justice
Wineberg, Howard Sociology Adjunct-Sociology
Winn, Jennifer Career Svcs & Leadership Dev Hourly Associate-Career Services
Winter, Mark History Adjunct-History
Wiseman, David 732-224-2150 Psychology Professor-Psychology
Wojcicki, Tiffany 732-224-1983 Reading & Learning Dis Instructor-Reading
Wolfe, Yvette 732-224-2860 Mathematics Instructor-Mathematics
Wolfson, Margo 732-224-2872 Biology Instructor-Biology
Wong, Caroline 732-224-2134 Biology Associate Professor-Biology
Woodrow, Michael Criminal Justice Adjunct-Criminal Justice
Woods, Marcus English Adjunct-English
Worman, Michael Physics Adjunct-Physics
Worthley, Kristin 732-224-2133 Recruitment Admissions Representative
Wran-Farris, Diane Brookdale At Neptune Hourly, HEC Assistant
Wright, Lewis 732-224-2951 Automotive Laboratory/Studio Assistant-Automotive
Yamello, Robert 732-224-2643 Innovation Center Technology Operations Specialist-Innovations Center
Yankowski, Veronica 973-449-6167 Continuing & Prof Studies BCD-Open Enrollment
Yannibelli, Jennifer 732-224-2631 Brookdale Television Senior Specialist-Production
Yanuzzelli, James Automotive Adjunct-Auto
Yates, Amy 732-224-2158 Office of Continuing & Prof St Sr Assistant -Registration, Business & Community Development
Yates, Donald Reading & Learning Dis Adjunct-Reading
Yerves, Cynthia 732-224-2665 Office of Information Technol Administrative Assistant
Younes, Anthony Writing Adjunct-Writing
Youngblood Brown, Tasha Business Management Adjunct-Management
Zaccari, Leo 732-842-1900 History Adjunct-History
Zaffarese, Lisa Psychology Adjunct-Psychology
Zakhalyavko, Galyna 732-224-2857 Chemistry Instructional Assistant-Chemistry
Zambrano, Linda 732-224-2255 Accounts Receivable Coordinator-Accounts Receivable
Zambrano, Thomas 732-987-2613 Organizational Safety Hourly-Security Guard
Zampella, Robert 732-774-3363 Office of HECs & K16 Student Assistant-Hec
Zampogna-Krug, Ashley 732-224-2535 History Instructor-History
Zanyor, Carrie Environmental Sciences Adjunct-Enviornmental Science
Zarow, Alexis 732-224-2327 Office of Information Technol Technical Support Specialist
Zavaglia, Joseph 732-224-2932 Legal Studies Professor-Legal Studies
Zazzarino, Anthony 732-745-0920 Psychology Adjunct-Psychology
Zegarelli, Mark 732-224-2110 Mathematics Hourly-Learning Assistant
Zeik, Margaret 732-224-2269 Architecture Laboratory/Studio Assistant-Architecture
Zeiss, Timothy 732-224-2887 Foundation/Alumni Affairs Executive Director-Foundation/Alumni Affairs
Zenobi, Lauren Nursing Adjunct-Nursing
Zerbe, Nathan 732-224-2661 Events Management Technology Operations Specialist-Special Events
Zhao, Jane Marketing & Creative Service Adjunct-Marketing
Zicha, Kelli Athletics Camp Supervisor-Sports Camps
Ziegler, Gina Performing Arts Center Box Office Assistant
Zirngibl, Christine Languages/ESL Adjunct-Languages
Zuppe, Michelle 732-774-6593 Culinary Arts Associate Professor-Culinary Arts