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Voice-Over Workshop

Jeffrey Dreisbach, actor, author, teacher (read more about this instructor)

Voice-overs are everywhere. From commercial to promotional videos, book reads, and narration, “heard but not seen” voice acting is the key component to making money with just your voice. Learn the best way to audition for and get voice-over gigs from a seasoned pro and successful bi-coastal professional actor/voice-over coach. In this 18-hour hands-on program, your performances will be professionally recorded, critiqued, and evaluated. Bring a blank CD to class (instructions at first class session) so that you take away a raw demo CD of all of your in-class work. Required text available for purchase in College Bookstore: Conversation Pieces Out Of The Studio, ISBN 978-145750-479-2.  Learn more. 6 SESSIONS

Wed, Sept 30-Nov 4, 2015, 2015, 6-9 pm
Fee and Code: $399 (plus text), XBUSS 080