Alternate Route Application


Career and Technical Education Alternate Route Program application process

Download an application or contact the Project Coordinator, Kelly Canonico, at, or the Program Assistant, Danielle Ponterio, at

Application components

  • Enrolled by your district in the NJDOE Provisional Teacher Program
  • Career and Technical Education Alternate Route Program Application.
  • Copy of Certificate of Eligibility
  • Copy of Employment Contract or letter from hiring district verifying employment in the CE subject area
  • Program fee

Submitting an application

All application/registration materials must be submitted to:

Kelly Canonico
Project Coordinator, CTETPP
Brookdale Community College
Business & Community Development
765 Newman Springs Rd.
Lincroft, NJ 07738

Cost of the Career and Technical Education program

The cost for the Career and Technical Education program is $1,450 if taken for non-credit, plus the cost of textbooks. Textbooks cost approximately $300-$500 if purchased new. Textbooks may be purchased used, or rented, if available, from various bookstores.

The cost for the Career and Technical Education program taken for Associate Degree credit is $1,732.50. The credit option requires an additional $25 application fee, and if applicable, submission of one official copy of college transcript showing completion of at least 24 college-level credits with a ‘C’ or better from a regionally accredited college. These 24 credits must include English composition and a college-level mathematics course higher than introductory algebra or elementary algebra. Textbooks are not included in this cost, and must be purchased separately (see above). Program candidates may choose the credit option at time of initial registration, or will be provided an opportunity to select the credit option later in at the end of 4th week mark in Stage I and again at the end of Stage IIA prior to start of Stage IIB.

Financial Assistance
There is no financial aid available through the College. Students may seek private loans.

Career and Technical Education program start dates

The program will include start dates in October, February, and April.

Class location

The Career and Technical Education alternate route program is conducted in a hybrid format. Most of the classes are conducted online, with some face-to-face instruction held on Saturdays. Saturday sessions meet approximately once a month from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m., and are held at a site that is centrally located for students who are traveling from all regions of the state.

Career and Technical Education program acceptance/registration

Once we receive your completed application packet, it will be reviewed to ensure eligibility requirements have been met including enrollment in the NJDOE Provisional Teacher Program. If you meet eligibility requirements, a packet of registration materials will be sent including information relevant to the program.

What to expect once registered
The Career and Technical Education Program is a hybrid course which means there are online components and face-to-face class meetings designed as “Cohort Saturdays.” The 200 hour program is broken down into two curriculum components: Stage I and Stage II. Stage I represents 60 hours comprised of five online sessions and three Cohort Saturdays.

Stage II includes 140 hours comprised of 18 online sessions and six Cohort Saturdays. Additional requirements are the completion of a case study, NJ Department of Education two-hour online Safety and Health Certificate Training, and Capstone conference and assessment.

Credit and noncredit options

Credit Option

Brookdale Community College has developed an associate’s degree credit option for individuals who do not already have a college degree, or who may want to pursue credits for an additional degree. Teachers in the Career and Technical Education Teacher Preparation Program (CTETPP) will be offered the opportunity to earn college credits toward an Associate’s degree at Brookdale Community College. Candidates can earn 15 credits toward a Technical Education AAS by successfully completing the components of the Stage I and Stage II curriculum. Please see the Credit Option Information Sheet for more information.

Non-credit Option

The noncredit option is for certification only. The course requirements and workload are identical for both options. Both equally fulfill the NJ Department of Education alternate route teacher education requirements for teacher certification.

Additional information

If you have any questions you may contact Kelly Canonico at or 732-224-2319, or Danielle Ponterio at or 732-224-2384.