Women’s Conference: Learn. Laugh. Lunch.

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Thursday, April 18, 2019
Hear memorable speakers and sample subjects of interest all in one day. A celebration of remarkable women – like you!

The Light In 911 Lisa-Luckett

9/11: Shocked By Kindness, Healed By Love

Within weeks of 9/11 Lisa Luckett vowed that she would make something good come from the nightmare of the death of her husband and all the others in the devastating event that changed our world forever. With a warrior’s will, Lisa reframed her struggle and pain into a fast track for personal growth and positive change for herself and for her young family. The Light in 9/11: Shocked by Kindness, Healed by Love is the story of her inspiring journey that came from having an open mind, perseverance, and a different perspective. What she discovered is how the power of kindness can make the world a better place.

Lisa Luckett is a social visionary, an activist for kindness and an advocate of gaining wisdom by experiencing life head-on. Her mantra “Choose Courage” is the foundation of her social vision reminding us that we are strong, resilient and have a choice in how we live our lives. She is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, and mother of three young adults.
As a 9/11 widow, single mother, and breast cancer survivor, she knows the value of life’s struggles and sees the light or silver lining in every situation. Lisa recognizes that life’s lessons and grace lie within the struggle.

     woman shopper

What’s In Your Closet? Examine Your Personality From The Outside In.

Diane Ciotta will outline the unique qualities of six clothing personalities: Classic; Dramatic; Romantic; Ingenue: Natural; and Gamin. Which one fits you best? Discover what your wardrobe choices say about you. Gain new confidence when shopping for clothes and express yourself in style!

Through a dynamic combination of Jersey sarcasm and Italian passion, Ms. Ciotta has been energizing audiences for over 29 years. After a dozen years in sales, Diane established Training Classics as a sales refinement company. In response to her positive influence and frequent keynote requests, she has broadened her focus beyond the proverbial sales training box and diversified her company as the Keynote Effect. With her unique ability to humbly relate to a variety of audiences she shares intriguing insights and inspiration. Diane
was born, raised and still proudly resides in Central Jersey.


A. Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Dr. Carl Calendar, former Humanities Dean, Brookdale
Few know the story of this radical feminist of the late 19th and early 20th century. Male editors attacked her ideas as unnatural, but she persisted, wring a feminist utopia, Herland and a major treatise of women in the economy, Women and Economics. Her story, The Yellow Wallpaper is now a standard in college Short Story texts and changed some doctor’s minds on post partum depression. Join Dr. Calendar for a discussion of her fascinating life and discover why she is his favorite feminist heroine.

B. Mary Todd & Jackie O: Their Lives, Times, And Tragedies
Gregory Caggiano, historian, presidential scholar
Does tragedy define the person or does the person define the tragedy? In this side-by-side look, we will examine the lives, personalities, and dramas of two first ladies whose lives were changed forever in a single moment.

C. Joan of Arc: History and Legend
Dr. Christopher M. Bellitto, history professor, Kean University
Joan of Arc was a young medieval peasant who entered the highest levels of French royal society and helped turn the tide of the Hundred Years War against the English. But then she was tried and executed as a heretic only to be exonerated 25 years later. In her afterlife she has become a national and international symbol—both heroine and target. Let’s untangle history from legend.

D. The Joy Of Decluttering
Andreea Fegan, certified holistic health educator
When our possessions clutter our lives, we feel drained of energy and lose our sense of freedom. Living a joyful, healthy life is about lifestyle. Discover how this one technique can create profound change in mental, physical and emotional health, and ultimately lead to a joyful life.

E. Mindfulness Meditation- Be Yourself Now!
Samantha Doluweera: Guided Meditation Instructor, Full-time faculty, Brookdale
Mindfulness meditation is an ancient Buddhist practice that helps people to live more compassionate and meaningful lives. The techniques discussed during the workshop will help you to understand your true self by “coming home to yourself in each present moment”.

F. Be Safe Online
Susan L. Einbinder, Adjunct Professor of Computer Science, Brookdale Community College
The Internet can be a very scary place with cyber-stalkers, phishing schemes, clickjacking, identity theft, data breaches, and denial-of-service attacks happening every day. Discover simple protection strategies including use of firewalls, antivirus and antispyware programs, wireless encryption, and keeping your operating system up to date. Susan will also help you develop your own Personal Acceptable Use Policy to use as a guide for all your Internet interactions.


G. The Power of Femininity, Identity & Art: Kathe Kollwitz, German Expressionist
Arlene Smelson, art instructor, Brookdale
Explore the powerful and emotional artwork of Kathe Kollwitz one of Germany’s most important artists of the early 20th century. Living through two world wars, devasted by the suffering she witnessed daily, she used her prints and sculptures to make a searing statement on the social conditions in Germany.

H. Go From Crazed To Calm – Transform Your Stress!
Jamie Turner, professional coach, speaker, award-winning author
Learn how to transform your stress from deadly enemy to life-giving ally. Discover the tools need to finally live with more peace and joy. Make stress your most powerful ally and say goodbye to feeling hopelessly stuck or overwhelmed.

I. Remarkable Women Of Design – Bring Their Style Into Your Home
Carol Lang, principal of Carol Lang Interiors
“I am going to make everything around me beautiful—that will be my life.” Elsie De Wolfe
First, discover how America’s most influential designing women use color, space, scale, texture, and pattern. Then learn from Carol how to incorporate these ideas in your own home.

J. The Highs & Lows Of CBD – What Is It And Is It For Me?
Tracy M. Smith, Supplementation Coach, GNC, Karen Apy, BC-RN, LNCC, and Terry Bloomfield, R.N., board certified holistic nurse.
CBD is in the news and on the scene! Cannabidiol, or CBD hemp oil, is a whole-plant nutritional supplement being used to treat and prevent numerous imbalances in the brain and body. Contending with its cannabis cousin, marijuana, CBD begs the discussion of legality, psychoactivity, and regulated quality. Join us for a scientific and anecdotal discussion.

K. Cleopatra Queen of Eygpt
Dr. Lyndell O’Hara, history professor, Nyack College
The story of cleopatra VII, the Ptolemaic Queen of Egypt has captured the imagination through novels, plays and Hollywood films (Elizabeth Taylor springs to mind!). Yet the political genius and astute rule of the ancient queen is often overlooked. Known in her time for her wit and intelligence, Cleopatra was the last of the Egyptian pharaohs and certainly one of the greatest.

L. Constance Markievicz: “The Irish Joan Of Arc”
Henry McNally, Irish historian
Originally a member of the Anglo-Protestant ascendancy, Constance would marry a Polish Count, become active in the Dublin Labor struggle, leading to involvement in the Irish rebellion of 1916. She would be condemned to death but have the sentence commuted to life imprisonment; yet two years later be the first woman elected to the British Parliament. Refusing to serve, she would become the only woman in the first government of a free Ireland. A woman for the ages!

Thurs, Apr 18, 9:30 am-3 pm
Fee and Code: $79, XWOMN 203 Includes morning coffee and lunch