Education Field Experience

Education Field Experience


Students who have completed EDUC 105 Introduction to Education, with a grade of B or better, are required to complete 60 hours of field observation in an approved academic setting to ensure transferability of EDUC 105 to a four-year institution.


1. Completion of EDUC 105 (Introduction to Education) with a grade of B or better.

2. Attendance at a mandatory orientation session.

In order to be placed in an approved education setting, you are required to attend an orientation meeting which will last approximately one hour. Only students with instructor approval may attend the orientation session. Students who do not attend one of these mandatory meetings will not be allowed to participate in the Field Observation (EDUC 199).

You do not have to register for the orientation. For more information, please contact Jayne McBride at 732-224-2503 or

Journal Seminars

Dates and times will be posted here, or find Orientation and Journal Seminar dates on our Calendar.

EDUC Seminar Dates:

Dr. Joseph Robinson, Thursday, October 16th @ 11:30am in MAN 200

Dr. Ave Latte, Monday, October 20th @ 4:00pm in MAN 100

Professor Art Marshall, Wednesday, October 22 @ 3:30pm in MAN 108

EDEC Seminar Dates:

Dr. Ave Latte, Monday, October 20th @ 5:00pm in MAN 100

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