Global Citizenship Project

“Be the change that you want to see in the world.” – Mohandas Gandhi

Welcome! You have taken one step on the path to becoming a global citizen, where a meaningful and rewarding adventure awaits! The Global Citizenship Project (GCP) at Brookdale can provide you with opportunities (both curricular and extracurricular): (1) to discuss global and local issues, (2) to promote awareness within our college community, and (3) to effect positive change in our world.

The Global Citizenship Project’s 2015-2016 theme is Global Health

Awareness – Commitment – Engagement

How can you get involved?

Students can get involved in our “Students for Global Citizenship” club. Faculty and staff can get involved in meaningful discussions on global issues with students in class, at student club meetings and, of course, in private or group conversations. All of us can become active in community service projects and organizations, aiding an existing non-profit with its mission. We can engage in experiential learning, and a host of other means.

Where can I get information?

The Global Citizenship Council (BCC volunteers) has put together resources for faculty, staff, and students. These resources can help faculty and staff engage in meaningful discussions about global issues, with students, and with the larger BCC community. These resources can also aid students as they strive to become global citizens, seeking ways to be actively involved in the issues that face the world today.

*For further questions regarding the Global Citizens Project, please contact the faculty liaison to the IEC, Kelsey Maki (