Global Citizenship Awards

Global Citizenship Awards


If you are a student wishing to self-nominate, use the Curricular application.

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Global Citizenship Award Winners, 2012-2013

Global Citizenship Award Recipients 2013

Curricular awards for students:

Jenna Antonaccio: UNICEF

Barbara Burns: Raised Libraries/Nooks in the Philippines

Ryan Cantlon: The Nanking Massacre

Chris Carr: French Invasion of Mali

Hayley Carrier:

Kristen Dichkus: KIVA

Dino Falzarano: Life for a Child

Hallie Fertig: Doctors Without Borders

Michael Going: Amazon Deforestation

Mimoza Gola: Kosovo War / Misconceptions of Islam

Latesha Jones: Child Labor in India

Katrina Keynton: Poverty in Guatemala

Michael Negri: DRASH for the Mongolian Zud

Laura Ostar: Rwandan Conflict / Rape of Nanking

Raffaella Pace: Operation Smile

Molly Radice: Children in Rwanda

Lea Sherman: Edna Adan Maternity Hospital

Tonian Simonelli: Safety for GLBTQ community in Morocco

Roxann Siver: Women and Hunger in Ethiopia


Faculty Awards:

Mathematics Department

Speech Communication Department


International Education Center Poster Contest Winners:

Contest theme: “Education Planet”

1st place: Joe Greco

2nd place: Lauren Valinotti

3rd place: John Mikhail