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Financial Help for Your Study Abroad

One of the biggest deterrents for students interested in studying abroad is the price.

Compared to a regular semester at Brookdale, study abroad expenses and fees may seem daunting –  but the biggest mistake students make is immediately dismissing the idea because they think they haven’t got enough money.

Study abroad can be affordable. Below you will find valuable information on various financial aid opportunities that you can put to work for you!

Apply for financial aid

If you’ve never applied for assistance, do it!  Even if you have, re-applying as a study abroad participant may allow you to access to additional funding.  Federal grants and loans can be applied to study abroad, making it easier to finance your study abroad program.

Find out more – make an appointment with Gail Belby in the office of Financial Aid at 732-224-2723.


Yes, you may need to write an essay, get another letter of recommendation, or fill out another form: but the bottom line is that scholarships are completely free money.

Celia C. in France

Celia C. – Gilman Scholar – France

If you’re worried about the competition for study abroad scholarships, keep in mind that less than 1% of college students across the United States choose to study abroad. At  Brookdale only about 4 students out of 14,000 apply for the Elaine Baran Study Abroad Scholarship which is awarded every term to students participating in select programs.

Click here for a list of  other external study abroad scholarships sponsored by a variety of other organizations.

Crowd Funding

Check out some of these sites. This is a fun and easy way to involve your immediate and extended family and friends in supporting your study abroad experience.

STA Travel has a program where you can pay for your airline ticket overtime. Details are at

Other Creative Fundraising Ideas

Try some of these techniques which other Brookdale students have used to fund their travel adventures.

  • Waive holiday and birthday gifts and request financial assistance instead.
  • Write a creative letter to all of your relatives and family friends, asking for financial support in exchange for monthly letters/blogs/e-mail posts/video chats while abroad, plus a presentation and exotic dinner upon your return.
  • Contact your local newspaper and ask to be paid for a series of columns to be sent from abroad.
  • Hold a bake sale, garage, flea or rummage sale.
  • Ask friends to join you in raising money by painting, cleaning, or car washing services.
  • Organize an event where you and/or some friends offer workshops for a reasonable fee (computer skills, cooking, quilting, yoga, karate, dancing, sign language, stained glass, woodworking, etc.).
  • Sell coffee and baked goods with a sign stating your purpose.
  • Collect used books, CDs, computer software, etc. and sell them in person or online.
  • Ask your church, synagogue, mosque or temple to sponsor a special offering, dinner, or raffle and give the proceeds for your study abroad.
  • Approach stores for donated supplies (such as clothes, camping gear, equipment, etc.).
  • Find out if your parents’ employers have a scholarship program for their children.
  • Sell T-shirts for a local activity or cause.
  • In exchange for the use of your car while you’re gone, ask a friend or sibling to make all or part of your car payments.
  • Investigate getting paid to assist with special event parking or to clean up a venue where an event has been held and ask your friends to join you.

Private Lenders

While no one likes borrowing money, keep in mind that there is quite a difference between careless credit card spending and taking out a loan to assist with an educational investment.

With today’s diverse labor market and extremely global world, international experience can give you a competitive edge to jumpstart your professional future. Private lending institutions generally provide student loans with reasonable interest rates which do not require repayment until after graduation. The personal and professional value of the experience will definitely outlast short-term obligations to a lender.

Online Resources for Financial Aid/Scholarships for Study Abroad

Alternative Opportunities

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