Canvas LMS Information

Canvas LMS Information

Attend a Canvas workshop, presented by Canvas Faculty Liaisons.  Workshops are held in the TLC (located next to the Bankier Library).  Access the Canvas workshop schedule.  Workshops are classroom based and online.

This is Canvas – Online:  This one week online course is designed for faculty who want to learn the basics of Canvas.  The course is taught by Brookdale Canvas faculty liaisons and includes videos, assessments, and requires participants to apply the concepts taught in the class in their own Canvas practice course.

Faculty should plan on completing the course within a one week timeframe.   Advanced registration is required and registration will be closed at noon on the Friday before the class is scheduled to begin.

Please view all events (located on right hand navigation bar) and click on the event title to register for workshops.  Registration is required so that we may set up your credentials appropriately.

If you are interested in a self-directed, self-paced experience, or would like to view video tutorials about Canvas, self-register for the TLC’s online Canvas for Faculty Course here for an introduction to the features of Canvas.

The TLC has prepared written documentation, TLC Canvas Tips for Faculty, to support use of the Canvas LMS.  Click here please for access.  Please note that as of July 12, 2014, Draft State will be implemented by Canvas.  Click here please.