TLC Staff Wins Impact Award

TLC Staff Wins ANGEL Impact Award!

In May 2008, the Teaching and Learning Center staff was honored to win an ANGEL Impact Award for the migration and training program for our transition to the ANGEL Learning Management System from WebCT.

The majority of new ANGEL higher education customers face the challenge of managing change when they convert from their previous course management system to the ANGEL Learning Management Suite. Brookdale Community College managed their switch to ANGEL in an exemplary manner that deserves recognition.

For Brookdale, proactively guided their conversion in the summer of 2006 resulted in a wider adoption of ANGEL at the school than WebCT had ever experienced.
•    More than 200 of the school’s full-time faculty members have completed at least the introduction to ANGEL training in the 9 months since their adoption.  
•    Training introduced faculty to not only the ANGEL platform, but also to advanced ANGEL functionality. 
•    Currently, Brookdale provides 340 courses per term to 7,000 students in ANGEL, compared to 210 courses per term to 3,000 students at WebCT’s peak just 2 terms ago.  

•    Norah Kerr-McCurry, Director, Teaching & Learning Center
•    Maria Breger, Web Coordinator
•    Dan Greenwood, Instructional Designer

ANGEL Learning Quote:

“The ANGEL user community is all about teaching and learning,” said Christopher Clapp, president and CEO, ANGEL Learning. “To stand-out in this crowd takes more than a little creativity and energy.  I sincerely congratulate and thank Brookdale Community College for their exceptional contributions to the ANGEL community.”