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Importing Content From Another Canvas Course

NEW to be implemented July 12, 2014 for all coursesDraft State

Export Grades from Canvas Gradebook

How to Add a URL Link in Canvas

Upload ZIP Files to Canvas

Prepare an Online Submission Assignment

Adding Users to the Roster

HTML Editor

Math Editor

Web Services

Locking Student Access to Modules:  KNOWN CANVAS ISSUE:  These settings do not hold when accessed through mobile device.  NEW ISSUE:  Locked modules may not open at correct date.

Standard Format for Importing Respondus

Extending Quiz Due Dates for Select Students

Deleting Duplicate Graded Items

Conversations (Canvas Email Function) NEW




Getting Started with Canvas Quizzes

Create Multiple-Choice Questions in Canvas

Create True-False Questions in Canvas

Create Fill-in-the-Blank Questions in Canvas

Create Multiple Fill-in-the-Blank Questions in Canvas

Create Essay Questions in Canvas

Create Question Banks in Canvas

Create Question Groups in Canvas

Use Canvas to Grant Extra Quiz Time to Students with Accommodation Alerts

Preview and Publish Canvas Quizzes

Edit Canvas Quizzes

How to Implement the Respondus Lockdown Browser in a Canvas Quiz

Respondus Instructions for Quizzes

How to Enable Turnitin for a Canvas AssignmentHow to Grade a Turnitin Assignment in CanvasTurnitin Student User Manual

Transitioning Terms Documentation from LMS Faculty Liaisons Here

Canvas Documentation from Instructure

Link to Canvas Help Guides

Canvas has confirmed technical issues with the system that you should be aware of:

Assignment Groups in gradebook should be double-checked:  Any time a faculty member edits a discussion or other assignment, Canvas could move it to the wrong assignment group, which will impact final grades.  Student grades will be affected by assignments being weighted incorrectly by being erroneously placed into the wrong group unless manually corrected.

The “Drop Lowest Score” feature in Assignments drops the score(s) where students have lost the highest number of points  (not necessarily the lowest score if grades are based on different number of points). In other words, CANVAS WILL NOT DROP SCORES BY LOWEST PERCENT VALUES UNLESS ALL ASSIGNMENTS IN A PARTICULAR GROUP ARE BASED ON THE SAME NUMBER OF POINTS.

The External URL content type:  URL links are valid, but Canvas cannot display the content.  Thus, embedded links to other sites do not work.

Scribd is working intermittently.  This is the Canvas application that allows users to view files (i.e. Word and PowerPoint) on a web page, precluding the need for that software.

FLV videos uploaded to “Files”.  Videos in FLV format do not display.  Publisher’s content, Camtasia, and Articulate Presenter files are often in FLV format.

Files Not Accessible:  Some files that appear in the file manager don’t appear to be accessible when attempting to add them via the Modules link.  Faculty members assembling courses from previously uploaded files may experience a problem accessing those files.

Possible Canvas Technical Issues and Workarounds