Canvas Tips

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HelpfulTipsPuzzleNew: Updated Turnitin-Canvas Integration

New: How to Change Course Availability Dates

Importing Content From Another Canvas Course

Draft State

Export Grades to an Excel Spreadsheet

How to Add a URL Link in Canvas

Upload ZIP Files to Canvas

Prepare an Online Submission Assignment

Adding Users to the Roster

HTML Editor

Math Editor

Web Services

Locking Student Access to Modules:  KNOWN CANVAS ISSUE:  These settings do not hold when accessed through mobile device.

Standard Format for Importing Respondus

Extending Quiz Due Dates for Select Students

Deleting Duplicate Graded Items



Getting Started with Canvas Quizzes

Create Multiple-Choice Questions in Canvas

Create True-False Questions in Canvas

Create Fill-in-the-Blank Questions in Canvas

Create Multiple Fill-in-the-Blank Questions in Canvas

Create Essay Questions in Canvas

Create Question Banks in Canvas

Create Question Groups in Canvas

Use Canvas to Grant Extra Quiz Time to Students with Accommodation Alerts

Preview and Publish Canvas Quizzes

Edit Canvas Quizzes

How to Implement the Respondus Lockdown Browser in a Canvas Quiz

Respondus Instructions for Quizzes