How can I prepare for the Accuplacer?

There are a variety of ways that you can prepare for Accuplacer. We suggest that you use some of the free or inexpensive resources to brush up for the test before you take it for the first time.

1. Brookdale’s Reading, Writing, and Math Departments have compiled some good resources. Clicking on the department name will take you directly to their website.

2. Accuplacer’s “Sample Questions for Students” brochure is very helpful. There are a variety of sample questions for each of the areas (including College Level Math) as well as the correct answers.

3. Passaic County Community College has an excellent website for preparing for the Accuplacer. In addition to getting help with sample problems, the format of the test has the look and feel of the actual Accuplacer test. Many thanks to Passaic County Community College for allowing us to link to their site.

4. New!!! Accuplacer practice website. Create new account by entering your email address and creating a password. There is a small fee of $2.99 for this product. Email us to let us know how you like it!

5. Click here for information about the Official Accuplacer Study App! Offered exclusively through Apple’s iTunes Store and compatible with iPhone, iTouch, and iPad. (Cost $1.99) This is same product as the Accuplacer practice website, but available only on Apple products.

6. Your counselor may recommend that you take the College Level Math (CLM) test. If so, prepare before you test by clicking on this link: College Level Math Preparation Handout.

If you don’t do as well as you’d like the first time you take the test, you are eligible for a retest. We strongly suggest that you take advantage of some of the more focused preparation options available to you.

1. Accuplacer’s new Diagnostic test and MyFoundationsLab program. You would have to take a Diagnostic test, similar to the Accuplacer placement test, but instead of just giving you a placement score, you will receive a score report identifying YOUR academic strengths and weaknesses. Then based on this report, a personalized Learning Path is generated by MyFoundationsLab. Click here for more information. It is available for Reading, Sentence Skills, Arithmetic and Algebra

If you are interested in this program:

  • Take the Diagnostic test at Brookdale’s Lincroft Testing Center, no appointment necessary. Please bring your photo ID with you, and be prepared to tell the Proctor which of the four diagnostic tests you would like to take. The first test is $10.00 (check, credit card, money order or check payable to BCC Testing), and the subsequent three tests are free. Each test will take you about one hour.
  • You will receive a print out with the Diagnostic results, a Learning Path, and instructions on how to access the program from the internet. You will have access to the program for 10 weeks, and the cost is $15.00.

Once you have completed your Learning Path for that area, you should retake that portion of the Accuplacer while the material is fresh in your mind.

Stop by the Testing Center, or call us at 732-224-2584 with any questions.

2. A+dvancer is a program similar to the MyFoundationsLab program. It includes College Level Math, as well as the Reading, Sentence Skills, Arithmetic and Algebra. The cost is $50.00 per section and you have access to it for 90 days. Please call 732-224-2584 for additional information.

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