Club Funding & Money

Initial Allocation

All active clubs will receive $800 in their allocated budget for the current fiscal year (Fiscal Year runs July 1 – June 30). Clubs that have not been active the previous year will receive $400 in their allocated budget for a one year probationary period. Any funds that are collected (through fundraisers, membership dues, etc.) are considered income and will carry over year to year. New clubs will be allocated through Club Reserves (if available) until the end of Fiscal Year. 

Allocations are not a blank check for programming – all events need to be proposed and approved by Student Life & Activities through your assigned Student Life Assistant Director before funding is available.

Fundraising/Approaching Donators/Bake Sales

All fundraisers must be pre-approved by Student Life & Activities. Games of chance (50/50’s, raffles, etc.) are lawful activities in the State of New Jersey when, and only when, the sponsoring organization is registered with the state and licensed with the local township in which the drawing takes place and prizes are awarded. At this time student clubs and organizations are ineligable to hold games of chance. See your Student Life Assistant Director for other fundraising ideas.

All requests for business donations must be approved by the Brookdale Foundation before you can approach any businesses. If your club wants to solicit any type of donation (monetary donations or the donation of food, supplies, etc.), please submit a list directly to your Student Life Assistant Director for approval.

All bake sales must follow the Bake Sale Guidelines as set by Dining Services. 

Making a Deposit

All clubs should deposit any money collected the same day it is received. Club deposits forms can be found in the Office of Student Life & Activities (this is a triplicate form and can’t be posted on-line). Deposits can be made at the Warner SLC Ticket Window (lower level) with our Student Ambassador staff. The student making a deposit will receive a copy of the deposit form, along with the receipt number of the funds going into the cash register at the front desk.

Checks should be made out to Brookdale Community College and reference your club account number and the student name (if applicable) in the memo line. No starter checks will be accepted (all checks must have the address imprinted on the check). Clubs should not hold on to any money collected, especially checks. If a check bounces, the fee assigned by the bank will be held against your club’s account. Please do not collect cash and then use it to directly pay for something. This is considered a slush fund and it is illegal! Please deposit the money collected and request a check if needed. 

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is a subcommittee of the Student Life Board chaired by the Student Life Board Treasurer. They assist the Office of Student Life in the management and supervision of ASBCC funds. The Finance Committee is tasked with the distribution and allocation of funds to Clubs and Organizations for events and programs. They meet roughly every other week to approve proposals. All proposals should be submitted through the appropriate online form before the Finance Committee meeting. Please plan to send a representative of your club to the meeting where your program proposal will be discussed.

Please see the ASBCC FUNDING GUIDELINES for specific information.

If you ever have questions or concerns members of the Student Life Board, including their Treasurer, are available for consultation. The Student Life Board office is located in room 110 of the Warner Student Life Center. They may also be reached by calling 732-224-2647. As always your assigned Student Life Assistant Director is also a great information resource.

Any decisions by the Finance Committee may be appealed directly to the Director of Student Life and Activities. All appeals must be in writing (e-mail or hard copy) and presented to the Director within 72 hours of the Finance Committee’s decision.

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