Club Registration

Every Year recognized student groups must re-register with the Office of Student Life & Activities and the Student Life Board. The registration form includes a request for a list of club leaders, a club roster, an advisor agreement and a request for the most current club constitution (if not on file). Each Brookdale club must have at least 10 currently registered students as members and a Brookdale employee who is willing to serve as an advisor in order to remain active on campus.

Forms are due within the first month of the fall semester.  If a club misses the fall deadline, they can also re-register in beginning of the spring semester. The information on your roster is entered into an online database, and is used when you propose events and activities to check membership. Please make sure as membership changes that you are updating the roster periodically with the office of Student Life & Activities.

If you have any questions about this process please contact your club’s assigned Student Life Assistant Director.

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