Club Travel

Proposal Process 

Any Club that plans to travel needs to coordinate their event with their assigned Student Life Assistant Director. You must fill out a Club Travel Request.

If you need additional funding for your trip, the proposal you submit will be sent to the Student Life Board’s Finance Committee for review. If approved, funding will be given following the guidelines just below.

Whether you are using your own funds and only need Student Life approval, or if you are requesting funds from the Student Life Board after approval, you need to schedule an appointment with the Administrative Assistant in Student Life & Activities in order to process payment and receive trip waiver forms.

If the travel is to occur out of state, or overnight, as per Brookdale policy the office of the College President must approve the travel plan. Please use the ASBCC Miscellaneous/Travel Advance Form to get approval. This form will be given to you when you meet with the Administrative Assistant.

Because the approval process needs to go through the Dean, Executive Vice President and College President, your Club must adhere to the proposal deadlines given. No travel will be approved outside of the deadlines.

Work with your Student Life Assistant Director to develop the best cost estimate for your trip. If your proposal is approved, the Student Life Board’s Finance Committee will fund the cost of one (1) advisor per every ten (10) student attendees at 100%.

Clubs who travel for regional events (Boston, Pittsburgh, Washington, DC) will be funded for ten (10) students.  National/International travel will be funded for five (5) students.

The following table explains the amount of any trip that will be funded by ASBCC.

$0-$3500 60% of total travel cost
$3501-$7000 40% of total travel cost
> $7000 $2800

Brookdale Vans

To reserve a van for a trip please contact Administrative Assistant Mary Jo Burkhard at 732-224-2391.

Any current Brookdale employee may drive a Brookdale van, but a copy of his or her driver’s license must be on record with the College. Your Club must fill out a van reservation sheet that lists who is going to be going on the trip as well as an emergency contact number. These forms are available from Mary Jo Burkhard in the Student Life & Activities office, lower level of the Warner Center.

If driving a Brookdale van, be sure the van is clean of all trash and that you leave gas (at least ½ tank) in the tank when you return to campus. Turn in any gas receipts for reimbursement. The office will work to ensure that all vans given out are at least 3/4 of a tank full before any trip.

Buses or other Mass Transit

The office of Student Life & Activities can work with your Club to request a charter or school bus for trips. As charter bus companies’ schedule fill quickly, particularly in December and April, please work early to reserve a bus.

We can also get tickets for NJ Transit or the Sea-streak ferry. At all times a trip chaperone must accompany students, even when using mass transit, if Brookdale funds are being used for travel. After talking to your assigned Student Life Administrator and receiving approval for the trip, Mary Jo Burkhard may assist you with the bus or mass transit ticket purchase process.

Driving Your Own Vehicle

If you drive your own car, we will reimburse for gas and tolls OR mileage (beginning/ending mileage must be written down) –  not both. We may only reimburse one person per car. Mileage reimbursed will be at current IRS recommendation per mile. You may only drive your own personal vehicle for Club travel if approved as part of your organization’s original travel proposal.

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