Where is my Fall BAH or GI Bill money?

We’ve been receiving a lot of phone calls from our Veterans who are wondering when they will receive their BAH or GI Bill payments for the Fall semester.  When processing times are on-schedule, payments are supposed to be made the first week of the month following the month of enrollment.  In this case, payments should start being generated the first week of the month following the start of the term.  For the Fall 15-week term, students should anticipate they may start receiving payments starting in October, and for the Fall 11-week term, these payments would begin starting in November.  There are times when, due to processing times, a student’s late registration, or failure to follow up in a timely manner on outstanding needed items, things may be delayed.  We’re always keeping an ear out for any new information we receive, but at this point in time, we are being told that payments are being processed.  Please keep in mind, if you waited to register or provide us with paperwork (or needed information) for the Fall semester, especially within the mid-July/August timeframe or a few weeks or days of the term start, you will most likely not receive your first payment on time.

The payment you receive will be pro-rated to account for the start date and total days in the month for which you should be paid.  The VA pays students for the total number of days of school attendance.

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