I want to transfer into Brookdale.

Brookdale evaluates and transfers credits from a variety of sources. When transferring into Brookdale, you may transfer up to half your degree credits from outside sources. Credit can be granted only for work completed at accredited colleges. A good place to start is here. 

Credits may be used to satisfy general education coursework for your degree, or to satisfy some of the career studies coursework. At least half your career studies coursework must be completed here at Brookdale.

Transfer credit may be granted for classes from 100- and 200- level coursework; but Basic Skills coursework (also known as remedial or developmental coursework) is not transferable. Upper level coursework (300, 400, graduate, and above) is evaluated on an individual basis.

You must have earned a grade of C or higher in your previous coursework for it to be considered for transfer. (The grade point average, however, will not be transferred into Brookdale.)

In order to transfer into Brookdale you will need to submit an application; you can apply online at

Once you have applied, please have your official transcript(s) from prior college(s) sent to Brookdale. To verify that your official transcript has been received, please contact Recruitment Services at 732-224-1857 or e-mail 

Lastly, you will then need to schedule an appointment with a counselor to go over your credits and evaluate which ones will transfer.


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