MATH 025 – Elementary Algebra

This course is a review of elementary algebra and requires previous experience in algebra. The course is intended for students who need to take MATH 151 or MATH 161. The topics include linear equations and inequalities, functions and function notations, graphs and equations of linear functions, systems of linear equations, polynomial and exponential expressions, factoring, quadratic equations, rational and radical expressions and equations. Problem solving is stressed throughout the course. Problems are approached from a variety of perspectives, including graphical, numerical, verbal, and algebraic. A graphing calculator is required – the specific model is determined by the department. This is a developmental course in the basic skills and will not be counted towards degree requirements. NOTE: Students taking MATH 025 may not enroll simultaneously in any other math course.

Prerequisite: MATH 015 or MATH 012, or satisfactory completion of the College’s basic skills requirement in computation. Please note that in-person testing is required.

Credits: 4

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