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Planning a Program

Program Proposal Process

Students at International Festival 2015When starting to plan a program, start by meeting with your club/organization and discuss program details. This should be done at least 5 weeks in advance (for major events even earlier!). After finalizing the details, a member of your club should fill out the online Program Proposal.

Please make sure that you complete this form fully, including contact information or any funding requests. Please fill out the form as completely as possible, as your Student Life Assistant Director and/or the Finance Committee will need to contact you if there are any questions or to give you an answer on the approval.

When you submit the form electronically, it is received by the Senior Office assistant in Student Life & Activities and then forwarded to your assigned Student Life Administrator. If you are asking for money from the Finance Committee, please refer to the schedule to see when your proposal needs to be submitted. Please make sure a member of your club is in attendance at the Finance Committee meeting to discuss the proposal.

Scheduling Space

To be sure there is a room available, please go to the Scheduling website to schedule a room. You want to click on the link for the Online Facilities Request From and fill it out with as much information as possible. Before submitting please print a copy for your records. You will receive approval via email from the Scheduling office. If you need technical support for your event (a microphone, a projector, etc.) please note this where asked on the reservation form. If you want to go over technical details and your event is in the SLC or Arena you may review your needs with the event management staff, Nathan Zerbe or Frank McGaughran.

Note: Just because Scheduling has approved your room, does not mean that the Office of Student Life and Activities has also approved your program proposal. If Student Life and Activities has approved your event that does not mean that you have a room reserved. These are two separate but connected processes.

If you are planning a program at one of Brookdale’s Regional Locations, please reach out to the appropriate Student Services Generalist (listed below).  They will be able to help you make all the arrangements.  Remember, each club/org is required to do one program per year at a regional location.

Program Details

(Catering, Contracting a Performer/Lecturer, Paying Bills)

After you have received approval from Student Life and Activities, you will need to fill out the appropriate paperwork for your event.

If needed, this includes the Student Catering Guide and an artist/performer/lecturer contract.

The Student Catering Guide was designed to cut costs for club/organizations, and in return, the food ordered will need to be picked up in the Student Life Center across from Navesink III. if you are using the Student Catering Guide to order food the form is due in Student Life & Activities at least 3 business days before your event.

In the event that your club/organization is looking to have a larger-scale event, please utilize the Catering Menu and Catering Form available on Culinarts web-page. Print and fill this form out, have your advisor sign it and then bring it to your Student Life Administrator for approval. Culinart catering needs these forms submitted two weeks before an event.

The artist/performer/lecturer contract can also be picked up at the Office of Student Life and Activities, Warner SLC Room 101. (It is a triplicate form so we cannot provide it here online).  You will need your artist/performer/lecturer to sign the form, including social security/tax ID number (we cannot submit the form unless this included). Anyone who is contracted also needs to complete a W-9 form, which must be submitted with the contract in order to process payment. The W-9 form may be found HERE.

Submit these forms to The Office of Student Life & Activities in SLC 101.  They will be reviewed by your Student Life Assistant Director, who will then submit the contract for payment. Remember: checks take at least SIX WEEKS to process.

Showing a Film

(Public Viewings of Movies and Videos and Copyright Law)

If your organization intends to show a video for a social event, meeting or other purpose, please be advised that it is required by Copyright Laws that your group purchase the licensing for the film. It is a violation of the law to pick up the movie at a local video store, regardless of whether or not you charge a fee. Neither the rental or purchase of a video/DVD carries with it the right to show that movie outside of a home.

Obtaining a public performance license is relatively simple, but does come with a fee. For assistance with acquiring the appropriate licensing, please talk to your assigned Student Life Administrator.

Advertising & Promoting Your Event

After approval, you are welcome to start publicizing your event. Please do not advertise any event prior to its approval.

If you are planning a major event that you believe needs the support of a professionally designed print flyer, Student Life can work with the College Relations Design and Production creative team to create flyers, posters, etc. This process takes about six weeks, so plan accordingly and work with your Assistant Director.

Another way to promote your event is via flyers or poster that you create. You can always make up to 50 black and white copies at any college copier using your Club’s copy code. If you want to print on color paper see your Student Life Assistant Director for a supply. To make color-ink photocopies you must submit your flyer electronically to Student Life & Activities so that they can forward the flyer to the college Print Shop. It usually takes 5 business days to get a color flyer back from the Print Shop.

At any time you may submit 6 of your flyers to the Student Life Center Ticket Window for the Student Ambassadors to post on bulletin boards controlled by the office of Student Life & Activities. These postings are done every Friday morning.

Things to Consider When Planning an Event

When student organizations are planning an event, there are a number of items to be considered:

  • Is this the event for us?
  • Is this something that will be of interest for the audience you hope to attract or does it appeal to only one or two members of your group?
  • Is this an event that will enhance the group’s image?
  • Do we have enough people to pull this off and is everyone committed to the idea?
  • What about our finances?
  • How much will it cost to put on this event?
  • Will there be a fee for a speaker or performer?
  • Will we have to pay for food, sound, lights, audio-visual equipment, a DJ, University police?
  • What about publicity expenses?
  • Do we have enough money in our budget to cover expenses even if we don’t make a dollar on ticket sales?
  • How will we publicize?
  • Who is our target audience?
  • How will we advertise to reach this target audience?
  • Have we reviewed the campus advertising policy?
  • Will we be able to do this event?
  • If it is something other than a meeting, have we met with our Student Life Coordinator to get approval for and assistance with the event?
  • Once we have approval, is there a facility we can use to have this event? Do we have a confirmed reservation for the facility?
  • Are there other events happening that night/day that could adversely affect our attendance?
  • Who will be responsible for placing all the work orders (for tables, chairs, etc.) and requests for food and/or audio-visual equipment?
  • Who will assure that clean up is done?
  • Who will be the advisor on duty for your event?

Programming Time Line For Major Events

Modified from “Steps required for a successful college concert” from Krogen and Fritz.

Two to Three Months Prior To Event:

  1. Check availability of desired space and equipment.
  2. Establish budget and arrange the funding for the event, working with the Student Life Board Finance Committee.
  3. Review and develop an understanding of the ticket policy and any other relevant policies, regulations or laws.
  4. Establish a publicity plan.
  5. Negotiate with performer for date, time, place and compensation (do not make any promises at this point).
  6. Contact the Student Life & Activities office for procedures in contracting performer(s).

Eight Weeks Prior to Event:

  1. Arrange for advance ticket sales (if any).
  2. Begin implementing the publicity plan.
  3. Submit a program proposal if you have not already done so, requesting additional funding as needed.
  4. Order promotional and other printed material that will be needed, particularly if working with College Relations.

Six Weeks Prior to Event:

  1. Revise budget as actual costs become known, working with Student Life & Activities to process any invoices or payment needs.
  2. Send any promotional mailings for event.
  3. Submit information about event to Happenings.

Four Weeks Prior to Event:

  1. Revise budget as actual costs become known.
  2. Confirm room and equipment needs of performer with your Student Life Assistant Director.
  3. Confirm performer’s travel plans and setup needs.
  4. Check to insure that performer payment is being processed.
  5. Fill out electronic Promotion Request Form.

Two Weeks Prior to Event:

  1. Check advance ticket sales (if any).
  2. Implement any last minute publicity that may be needed.
  3. “Walk through” the event and double check that everything has been arranged and requested.
  4. Confirm staffing needs.

Week of the Event:

  1. Publicity plan completed.
  2. Budget revision completed.
  3. Last minute publicity completed.
  4. Final arrangements and double checks on all aspects of the event completed.
  5. Make arrangements to meet the performer upon arrival.

Day of the Event:

  1. Check all arrangements early. If a change is needed you will need time to make or request the change.
  2. Be available for the unexpected.
  3. Meet and greet the performer upon arrival.

Follow Up – Within One Week After Event:

  1. Thank you letters to all involved groups and individuals.
  2. Clip and save any press coverage.
  3. Make final actual budget review and pay all remaining bills.
  4. Write an evaluation of the event outlining your process, recommendations for the future and final budget.

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